big day of nothing..

So as you know we had our first doctor appt. on the 16th, which i have been looking forward to for about four weeks now…
So we get up around noon, which would be, like, 5amish, get ready and head to the hospital. We get there and its a beautiful place and very clean and not creepy hospitalish. So we wander all around the place going from one person to the other, no one really knows where we should be, then finally find were on the opposite side of the hospital, so we rush to the right side and get checked in.
Here’s where it all begins….

So i find out who my Dr. is and wonder if i can switch, for some reason i didnt feel right about it, so i go and ask the receptionist, but really it wasn’t a big deal. So i get called back and the nurse tells me that after i have this check up i will NOT be able to get a new Dr. at all. So we talked and she told me that i could swich to this other lady who everyone reccomends, her name is Deb and she is a midwife. All i heard was good things and with the Dr. i was actually scheduled with she was really honest and told me i should swich, if i had any kind of question about it. SO once again thank you hormones, they kick, i get overwhelmed and start crying. haha So i decide to reschedule to a later day, and see Deb. So i pull my self together and go to reschedule and find out i now am required to take an education class, then i will be get scheduled after that.
So we so are going to do this class on Thursday the 19th, and wont get scheduled for our first appt. till around stinkin 12ish weeks!!!

So, all in all it was a rather dissapointing day, but i do feel SO much better about getting a midwife, which is what i wanted in the first place. i guess soon enough i will get this ball rolling as far as check ups and meeting the baby, or seeing the baby… Still about 3 more weeks to the best of my knowledge of where im at.

i will post more later, on the baby’s growth and how i am doing, this is more of a vent, sorry.
Thanks for listening to my ramblings…!

Ash and baby


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