Education class

Alright everyone, we had our education class yesterday. There were about 10 girls that showed up to it. Another girl and i walked in late, (we were the only two in the insurance wing, so we were both told the wrong time) and basically missed the whole class and all the paper work. So after everyone left we were still doing all the paperwork and found out we both have the same midwife, and all. The nurse helping us was so nice, she did the whole slide show and about a million times the info for just us two. It was a lot more personal and informative. We also were told a bunch of stories and stuff about our midwife, all the same good things we keep hearing from others in the hospital. All in all it was truly a blessing we were late and got to do the class just us two.

Te best part of the whole day, besides getting an app., was as we were leaving the nurse told us to gets lots of sleep, and i made a joke on the lines of were going home now and sleeping b/c its so early and we work nights. So a conversation opens up about where we work. I told her all about ihop, not saying the name, and how its 24/7 so we are on the night shift of the prayer room. And surprisingly the nurse blurted out “IHOP?!?”. I told her yeah and she knew all about it and how a bunch of people from her church have gone and love it. So now she is going to come check it out now that she knows someone!!! YAY The girl that was in there was so surprised and a strong christian as well. It was such an open door! AMEN

Our first official app. is March 3rd. Ill be finishing up my first trimester, which seems like a long time to wait to just get checked up but oh well. Were excited and love the hospital (at least the area we are in..haha) As i have said before i will update more on me and baby, later. maybe with a picture or two!! Its amazingly scary how much my body has changed!!!
Leave a comment so i know at least someone is reading this, its boring now but hopefully soon it will get going!! haha

Ash and baby


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