First App.

Today we had our first app. and already so many people are asking me to update!

We met our midwife today, she is absolutely everything i wanted in our delivery! I feel so blessed even by her. A little background on her: her name is Deb Bersano, and she is a little bit older, has have over 800 deliveries, she works only with and in the hospital setting, along with a practitioner IF any problems during delivery do occur. She is with me in the delivery room the entire labor and has not missed any of her babies, and one of the biggest ups is about 90% of her deliveries the women dont tear!! Today she was called down to my app. from the delivery room and had just delivered two others that night, she hadn’t been home in two days! (the commitment!!)
While she was going through all our paper work she noticed we were in ministry and we talked about that a bit, which she said she lets all her patients know that she is very upfront with her religion and prays before everyone of her deliveries, to bring the angels in the room..haha yay!
She loves her job and almost cries at every birth with the new breath.. She was Super knowledgeable with all my symptoms she told me exactly why and what was going on and also much more advice and wisdom. We love her and she is so down to earth.

As for me everything with the check up was absolutely perfect and better then most girls she sees! (amen) When they weighed me i was 12 pounds LESS then when i got pregnant..not good!
When was telling Deb about my nausea and sickness and she told me a few ideas, after i told her my weight loss she quickly prescribed me medication, which i have to say i am so relieved! Hopefully i will fatten up! Then we tried to listen for the heartbeat, which she couldn’t find……….THEN there it was!!!!!! She looked at me a little shocked and said “Whoa, thats one strong, heathy baby!” The relief and sheer joy washed over me as i listened to my babys little heart pounding away. Tears burst form my eyes unexpected and everything seemed so surreal and right at the same time. i still dont quite have words for the moment…

I scheduled our next app. and its March 31st, with and ultrasound. They said they would do the check up at the same time since we drive a good distance to the hospital. Which was good for us. We had to go get my blood tests taken care of, but in another building across town, which went fast and easy.

I do have to say after hearing our little one, we ran to hobbly lobby, mainly me looking for nursery stuff. haha With no intentions of buying anything, i got so many cute ideas for myself, and am so excited to know what the sex will be so i can start!
Well amen and amen to the day!

Ash and baby


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