Week 12 update

Week 12 is finally here, and the end of the first trimester! I have to say i have been awaiting this day for some time now, hopefully this will mean my nausea and all will start going away and i will really be able to enjoy the rest of the pregnancy.

I have been doing better with the medication the Dr. perscribed me for my morning sickness. I have been able to eat more, but still on a strict time line, for right now. The medication makes me REALLY tired, that’s just how it is, i feel more and more like the first few weeks of pregnancy and on top of a sleeping pill. I feel like all i do right now is sleep. haha My tummy is still getting hairry, (dan likes to joke that its a boy and takes after him, thats why im so hairry right now, if you know dan you know what im talking about!) My nails, hair, (all of it), and anything else is growing at te speed of light, thanks to my prenatels! Im doing much better with my emotions, they are not anywhere close to how they were even two weeks ago. Im sure Dan cant complain!

Baby, is about the size of a plum. As I
move into the second trimester, baby shifts
into the growth and maturation stage. After
weeks in the critical development stage,almost all of baby’s systems are fully formed. The Baby’s brain can now send and transmit messages to the rest of the body. The movements aare much more purposeful and meaningful in the weeks and months ahead!


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