Week 13: A pop, kick, and a smile

So it is finally week 13, which means 2nd trimester! Praise the Lord!
Its been such a great week for the most part. Im GROWING, and
feeling huge, haha, cant imagine when im bigger. Its been an exciting week!

~I’ve POPPED! Its very much obvious im preggo now. I even told my mom and
she made me send a picture, and then still made me send one of my bare belly. She couldn’t believe it! It seriously happened over night! Im loving my belly for sure!! Even though you can see the indentation of my belly button through my clothes…haha!

~My hips have begun to spread. Dan was taking my picture for the blog and
noticed, even before i did, and then by the next day i was super sore and feeling it…

~Im pretty sure i have felt the baby kick…!? Still not completely sure at this point.
I have felt twitches every few days for about a week now, but still dont know for sure.
Im sure ti will be here soon, and cant wait. Most nights or mornings i lay in bed and just
pray to feel baby in there.

~By the time week 12, im saying like the first day hit, all my nausea was gone and i have
had a bit more energy. Its been wonderful. truly a blessing!

~This week has been really hard, as far as a 6 day, tomorrow 7 day, continual headache, that
seems every night turns into a full blown migraine, nausea, strobe light vision, light and
even the dark hurts. So after about three days i was told to take some Sudafed blah blah blah and see if that helps, if not i needed to come in. So i tried it all, and nothing SO Tomorrow (tues. 17th) im headed in to get this all taken care of. So we’ll see what happens. Hopefully it works!

BABY this week: size of a PEACH

Baby is forming teeth and vocal cords… Is approaching normal proportions, with a head now only one third the size of the body. Intestines are in the process of moving from the umbilical cord to baby’s tummy. (Much more convenient.)

Love Lots,
Ash and Little One


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