You know your Pregnant when…..with week 15 pictures

Week 15 quick shots
I dont really know why i look SO huge? I mean i AM getting bigger for sure but im filled out all the way up..haha im thinking its b/c we just got done eating and are about to go to bed for the night. My tummy IS this big but my stomach isn’t…haha hope this makes sense!

You know your Pregnant when…..

~You cry about getting in the bath when you know it will make you feel better.

~ Then you cry about having to get out…haha

~ You underestimate your new chest size and open doors, cupboards, and stall doors, etc on yourself.

~ Your bladder feels like it is about to burst and then when you go, its no more then three drops. and at other times its the biggest relief, you just have to smile.

~Absolutely nothing sounds good to eat until you take the first bite.

~ Your scared to go to sleep, fearing you’ll wake up in a completely new bra size. (yes it has happened!)

~ COLD water is so refreshing, but normal water makes you sick..?


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