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Were having a bouncing baby BOY!!!
We had our first ultrasound today, and everything went wonderful! The tech. told us it was to early to tell a for sure, but she would give us a good guess as to what we are having, but not to buy anything as of yet. So as she was looking around the baby can into the perfect position as you can see..(Picture 3) It was actually really funny cause she kind of jumped and said well there’s no mistaking your having a BOY! She actually said it was like a third leg joking with Dan..haha As we were leaving the tech tore off all the pictures and rolled them all up and said that she was only able to give us 6 pictures or she could get in trouble with the hospital but she said she thought we were “too Cute” and gave us all 14!!! Such favor again! im not going to add them all but did add the best ones! Here are what the pictures are of just do you are able to see it..

Picture 1~ Front shot of baby looking at us (he also during this waved his hand to us!)
Picture 2~ Baby’s top of head and crossed legs
Picture 3~(my favorite) Baby’s foot
Picture 4~ Baby was stretching towards the end. Back view of his stretch
Picture 5~Baby’s parts…BOY
Picture 6~Side profile of the face

I also found out i am actually a week ahead of where i thought i was, SO now were at 16 weeks!
Ill update on me and baby’s growth soon! Hope you enjoy, let me know what you think!!!

Ash, Dan and Baby


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