Week 16 update

OK so as i said in the last update, i am a week ahead of what they had originally guessed! Which puts me at 16 weeks and a few days now! YAY! My new due date is now set at Sept. 15th.

Im doing much better this week, no real sickness or anything! Praise the Lord! Iim more so tired all the time, (since we have been switching our schedule back to days this week). Im feeling baby all the time now, and his little kicks are getting stronger. I cant help but stay up for hours in bed just feeling his kicks and such. All i can seem to do is think about what he is going to look like, more of me or Dan, im thinking Dan..but we will see! I feel huge right now, my stomach is tight, and not willing to stretch anymore..( I cant imagine what it will be like in just a month or two!)
Dan is fully enjoying my growing tummy and still walkie-talkie’ing baby through my belly button! haha We were talking about names, which has completly changed, and what goes well with disapline, haha. SO as you can see Dan’s hopeless try in trying it out, only to end with “Aww, im not going to be able to do it..” HAHA im starting to really enjoy this pregnancy, especially now i know what baby is, and can start thinking about decorating..

Baby is just over 4.5 inches from head to rump, and about 3.5 oz! Which is about, im saying about, the size of a large Avacado. Just big enough to cradle in our hand, but not for long! Eyebrows, lashes and hair are starting to fill in, and taste buds are forming. The bones in the baby’s ear are now in place and is starting to hear our voices as well as sense light. WHOA!
This baby is pretty active, during our ultrasound baby was kicking, playing with his ear and (my favorite part) waved at us! He moved his little arm and fingers to us! Even the lady doing it said aw. It was amazing to see him moving around, stretching and playing the whole time!

Thats it for now, since this is a novel! Thanks for listening again!

Ash and baby


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