Week 18 Procrastination

Ok so, week 18 has finally hit! Whoa, its so fast, and only 2 weeks until im half way there!
I decided i didnt have time to post for 17, with everything going on and flying home.
This last week has been amazing!

Quick update on what has been going on…(week 17)

~Baby has defiantly grown over the weekend, with a massive growth spurt!
As soon as i woke up the day we were leaving to go home I began having “round ligament
pain” and it went all day for about 3 days straight! I am noticeably bigger, just over night!
~I can now feel baby shifting positions if i sit and wait for a kick, and kicks have been SO much
more frequent and quite a bit harder. (im loving everyone of them!)
~Im finally to my original (well about to be) weight before pregnancy! WHOO HOO! I lost all my
weight in my legs and arms, now have gained it all back in my breasts and tummy.
~ I think we may have narrowed down a name, now to find a good middle name…sigh…

OK now week 18:

Baby is passing the hours yawning, hiccuping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking and swallowing. So much going on, no wonder im feeling him so much! Hes quite the mover and LOVES being in the prayer room with the music all the time. (I think i can add dancing to this list!) Weighing about 7 oz and about 5.5 inches he is about the size of a bell pepper OR can of soup!

I have been doing wonderful, with the exception of ’round ligament pain’ and fatigue after our trip. Baby has been kicking and has even gotten scared and jumped a few times! The newest change over just this last week has been my complexion. One day its wonderful and the next i look like a 13 yr old!! haha (im sure being back in the humididy is not helping) As i said im back to my origional weight, well close, and am ready to be putting on baby weight!
My biggest struggle thus far, is not drinking enought water, i try and try but by the end of the day i only drink about one water bottle..UGH! Im starting to worry for the baby’s health and devlopment… Some nights i just cry thinking about it. pray for grace in this and remembering to take my prenatels EVERYDAY! i forget about 5 out of the 7 days of the week. Still trying to figure out a good system….

Well this has been a novel post, and i have so much more to say!! For the next one!
Thanks for listening to my babbelings…Pictures soon to come…

♥ Ash and Baby


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