Pregnancy Survey

pregnant? We found out Jan. 21,09
What was your reaction? I jumped in the air in shock, and joy…then got really shaky
Who did you tell first about the pregnancy? Well My husband was there, we looked together, then Rachel.
Date of Conception? Around the end of Dec. 08
Due Date? Sept. 15th
Was the pregnancy planned? Yes and No, it was the first month we didnt do any prevention (purposefully) and thought we would have to try longer, praise the Lord we didnt!
How did your parents react? My mom was ecstatic along with the same but shocked dad, immediately rooting for a boy!
How did your partner’s parents react? We dont really know, we talked to his sister that night that told us we should wait to call! Finally when we did everything was wonderful!
Did you go to the doctor yet? Yes, it was actually a very stressful first appointment! i started off with a doctor with a very heavy accent, (which is fine, but if you know me i am horrible at that stuff..) So i just very calmy asked the lady at the front deck if i would be able to swich dr.’s and it turned into a HUGE thing, i got swept back to a room and interrogated by the nicest nurse. I ended up crying from being overwhelmed and swiched dr.’s (which was not a big deal) and ended up with the most amazing woman ever!
Did you have your first ultrasound? Yes, I actually cried when she told us it was a boy! We also got to take home way more pictures then allowed, just because she thought we were “too cute” :)
Do you know the sex? Boy or Girl? Yes, were having a boy! (and theres no mistaking!)
How is the baby’s movement? Wonderful, he moves so much now and has even gotten scared a few times..awww
How is the baby’s heartbeat? right on track, i tear up everytime i hear it!
Baby’s name? Well, we’re juggling between a few right now………. ;)
Did your husband help pick the name? Well yes, it actually really funny b/c, when we met he told me his two boys names and i shot them down in disgust, now out of the blue im LOVING the one…SO yes…now im agreeing..funny, poor hubby
Mom to be’s latest cravings? mmmm. i really enjoy sour (which i have always hated) and salty, not a fan of sweets really… But i do LOVE captin crunch at this moment! haha
Mom to be’s latest “pregnant” moment? Oh gosh, there has been so many…My FAVORITE and most embarissing is the very First one….. I called the Doctor office to schedule my frist app. and get the ball rolling and as the lady was getting all my information and she asked MY birsthday, and i said, well thats what im coming to find out…I JUST learned im pregnant…..long pause…..she gave a little chuckle and said NO i need YOUR date of birth…haha
What was the first change you noticed in your body? My chest! Thats actually how we decided to take a test, i hadn’t missed yet but i went from barley a B to a full C, in like four days!
What was the latest change in your body? Well my crator belly button… :( haha With my stretching tummy it just seems to get bigger! And sadly right now my complexion!
What is your sleep schedule? I usually get up around 930 and get to sleep around 11…
What is your work schedule? When we get to the Prayer room!
What is the last thing you bought for the baby? The latest thing I have bought for baby is this amazingly cute giraffe picture frame…
What was the last thing you bought for yourself? A tin of sour mints for my purse..and then food…haha
Planned birth place? At the hospital
Who will be in the room with you? Probably just my midwife and Dan.
Are you scared? Not yet.
Are you going to use drugs? No
How do you think you will react? Oh you know, tears, and sheer joy!!!
How do you think your partner will react? I think he’ll be the same, if not more so!
Have you started birthing classes? No, i really dont want to, but im sure i need to…just need some motavation…haha
What is the nursery theme? Since its a boy we’re wanting to do safari… :)
Are you going to breastfeed? Of course!
How much weight have you gained? I havent “gained” anything, but i have gained back basically everything i lost (around 10lbs.) and am ready to start gaining! I lost all my weight in my legs and arms, now have gotten it all back in my chest and tummy!
What is your favorite thing about being pregnant? All the kicks and movements! Im constantly waiting for them!!
What is your least favorite thing about being pregnant? probably the entire first trimester when I was ill often but now it’s the fact that when hunger hits, it hits fast and i need to eat right away or I feel sick! (yes)
Biggest pet peeve while pregnant? Ah, the sound of the cats licking!! SICK!! ANd how people tell me to “just wait” till i get bigger when i say i feel huge…I AM huge for right now, ive always been small and flat!
Favorite drink before pregnancy? Prob… Mountain Dew..?
Favorite drink while pregnant? During the first trimester, Sunny D. Now, Chocolate milk
What features do you hope the baby gets from you? hmm, eyes (shape and color), nose, feet and toes.
What features do you hope the baby gets from your husband? height, skin color, mouth, and i have to say it heart..
What week did you start wearing maternity clothes? Well not yet, i actually swim in them!! I usually wear a size 5 pants, im now down to less then a 2!! eek!
What week (if any) did stretch marks appear? I actually dont have any, we’ll see, my mom nor my grandma got any!
What are 3 things you can’t live without right now? Dan, food, and bella band!
What is your favorite smell or scent while pregnant? im loving my hubby colone more then ever, and our sugar cookie candle!
What is the worst smell? I swear im always smelling cigarette smoke (which is weird cause i dont know one person that smokes) and i hate the cats food! GROSS!
What is your favorite pregnancy website?
What is your favorite baby names website? Dont really have one, our minds thus far!
What is your favorite kids movie? Well its always been Little Mermaid, and any old disney movie or pixar. I LOVE WALL~E
What is the first thing you might say to your new baby boy or baby girl? I dont know that i will be able to say anything…we’ll see…


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