A day controled by Hormones…

OK so i just thought i would give a quick and humorous update on how my day went yesterday. It was completely out of hand and out of control, THANK YOU Hormones…! (not)

Dan and i wake up spend some time together and start getting ready. As im getting ready i hear a scream from the kitchen and run out to make sure everything is ok. Dan is standing in the middle of the living room in shock, i see a plate and two eggos all over the floor (including syrup and butter) and then follow Dans stare into the kitchen and see a entire pot of coffe all over the floor. However it happened i dont know but it was probabaly the funniest thing i have ever seen. From the coffee all over the rug, floor, and carpet, to the empty syrup plate, and two eggos on the living room floor, and Dans horrified look, i couldnt stop laughing. i laughed for a good 30 min, with tears and all. Good start to the day

Head over to some friends house to have lunch and good fellowship. Which went wonderful. By the time we were leaving i ended up with a migraine on the way, due to the weather change, and starting to get sick.

Go home, talk about buying a house…Get over stressed and yell and cry.. (over really nothing) And not able to talk for a good 15 min. just because i was going to cry.. Then calm down, and am fianlly ok, and Dan opens one of MY (well in my head it was MINE not ours) snacks…Which i started crying and all, again…yeah i know, my poor husband has to deal with a crazy wife.

Decide to just go chill out and pray the headache goes away. So i go lay on the bed for awhile, not realizing the entire time i was laying down i stared at the wall..I actually really thought i was sleeping.

I decided to stay home from church and clean and just chill out to feel better, (note: all this is on top of a bad cold already) So I do some cleaning and am feeling better, put some music on, things are going good.

I Decided that the music was too loud and it started to overwhelm me..so what do i do?
Turn it down?..Uh no..
i actually yell at it and say to be quiet… HAHA wow i know.

Dan comes home we eat a Wonderful dinner and finish up the night on a good note. A thunderstorm even came in, (which are my favorite things in the world) Well, not tonight. For some reason i get emotional and decide its going to tornado…(yeah i know). So lay in bed in silent tears, and Dan is trying to make me feel better. So i finally make hime get up with me and look on the weather channel to make sure we are in the clear… Which there was a warning out for our area, (this did not help)….

Fall asleep pleading the blood of Jesus over us and praying Jer. 29:11….

Wake up and laugh at the whole previous day……..


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