Check Point!

PHOTOS: (you can click them to make them bigger)
Dan and I doing Charlies Angels, but Dan has a shot gun..haha
Enjoying a nice summer day with my baby Ben and Jerrys!

I have finally found the time to update the blog! Im sitting here in Starbucks waiting for my Love to finish up work and enjoying a nice strawberries and cream frapp. which in my opinion tastes like Captain Crunch berries.. :)

Im actually doing wonderful! Hitting the half way mark was a pretty good feeling day! All i could think about was in half the time its taken me to get here ill be at 30 weeks! WHOA! Its honesty FLYING by, i couldn’t have ever imagined, (especially in the first trimester!). Im definitely growing, well this baby is growing and has been on a growth spurt for about 3 days now, which equals Round ligament pain… I have had more all day pain then the sharp pains, but they do come as well. Not anything i cant handle, not yet.. I feel like with how much my tummy is growing i should have stretch marks, but have yet to get them.. Its truly Amazing how our bodies are capable of doing all the things they do. I have also had a Braxton Hicks Contraction, to my surprise i didnt really FEEL anything, just my uturus tightning and then letting up a few seconds later. Im also relearning how to sleep. I have ALWAYS been a tummy or back sleeper. So i have been really strugginling to stay on my sides and have been waking up super sore in the morning. I started using our body pillow to help me not roll over to my back and stay on my sides, but its just hard to figure it out. haha Hopefully i will be getting more sleep soon!

Im loving baby’s movements. He is getting more and more active by the day and his little kicks are getting harder and harder! Dan actually SAW the baby kick for the first time yesterday,(it would have been sooner if he was a little more patient)..haha I have to say i like to SEE the kicks more then just feel them. When i either have my arms crossed or my arm across my tummy he usually kicks and punches until i move them. ~OH there he goes right now as im typing this~..LOVE IT, So cute. Im starting to know, well im more so assuming at this point, that the lighter punches are his arms and the much harder ones are his little legs. I am getting to know which way his little head is facing. Hes been flipping and rolling around, which sometimes makes me sick feeling. Its like when you go on a roller coaster with a drop, with out the tickling feeling…If that makes sense..? My tummy has been getting more and more lobbed sided in the monings or when baby is sleeping over to one side. lol AND my bellybutton is about even with my skin. So crazy, i feel like it could just pop at any time!

My uturus is about even with my belly button, and i have gained ALL my weight back and have been putting it on this last few days! WHOO HOO! finally.. I should be growing a bit more and more as the time starts progressting towards 30 weeks, about a pound every week! My cheeks have also been getting a little rosier, i think im fianlly getting the “pregnancy glow”, (much better then the 13 year old look, if you ask me..)

Baby weighs about 10 1/2 ounces now. He’s also around 6 1/2 inches long from head to bottom and about 10 inches from head to heel. About the size of a cantalope! Practicing his sucking and swallowing for when hes born. Lots of movements, and a steady heartbeat so far. Our Midwife even had a hard time getting his heartbeat with him rolling around OR kicking her! haha

Ok well thats about it for right this second, need to go eat, hopefully some Chipotle, which is on my hubbys mind. Im in more of a mashed potatoes, sour cream, and butter mood. But im positive ill be hungry before the end of the night.. haha I will be adding pictures as soon as i can get Dan to take some quick ones later!


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