You know your Pregnant when…..

You are wandering around a nursery/greenhouse and see that its their 100th anniversary and they have cake for all the customers, you MAKE your husband get a piece of cake with you and almost go back for a second if we didnt leave. (normally this would NOT happen)

A monstrous thunder storm comes in (which are your Favorite things) and you cry convinced its going to be a tornado

You run from an on coming Frisbee not even thinking about catching it, but rather its coming Straight towards my tummy! LOL

Mario kart becomes a life or death situation. And you cry when you dont win..

You find your prone to road rage thinking that the other drivers should be aware of babies and pregnant women, and drive safer.

Your most hated color ever, your whole life, becomes your new FAVORITE color ever.

Sleeping is the least relaxing thing ever, especially learning how to sleep with a body pillow.

Your more high strung then ever before in your life.

You’ve developed dyslexia and all grammar has gone out the door..LOL

You are waiting in line for the bathroom, and the person in front of you looks at your belly and TELLS you to go first..haha

It feels like your poor heart is going to burst (minor heart attack) just going up stairs, and simple tasks.

You are now able to hear the drop of a dime in deep sleep. (getting me ready for baby)

When you almost cry looking at mothers day cards, and come across a “first mother day” card

When you jokingly put your feet out for your hubby to put socks on them and he really does it, w/o any consideration, and you cry b/c hes the best husband in the world

If your a little on edge until you feel you baby’s first kick in the morning

After every meal you HAVE to have something sweet

You have a love/hate relationship with your body pillow

If you are looking for maternity clothes, get over whelmed and turn to your husband and yell, “Im not fat Im pregnant!!” then realize you in the “plus size” area…. oops… :S

You hear your stomach growl for the first time in months, but wonder if it really was your stomach because of the position in your body (right under your chest and shoved to the left side) haha

Just thought i would share this video with you all. Its my favorite, and i LOVE giraffes. this giraffe is only 2 weeks old and about 6 foot 3! Whoa!! So cute!!!


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