6 months! (22 weeks)

Im sitting here thinking about what ALL i can update on but think it will turn out like a novel, so ill just do a quick update on life the baby and whatever other babblings come along as i type… :)


Im dong wonderful. Im feeling great, Loving the baby more and more, and in general loving this pregnancy!
The last few days have been quite odd, baby has switched positions, and left me looking almost like im not even pregnant compared to the earlier weeks. I figured the baby was about to go on a growth spurt, (my stomach usually gets smaller right before) and sure enough, i woke up this morning and was like BAM, your huge.. haha But seriously i was kind of concerned because my stomach was about half the size it has been and was not growing. Then today i woke up got out of bed and felt like my tummy was now its OWN thing hanging over and out of my body. HAHA strange i know, I dont exactally know how to explain it but its like if you were to be wearing a backpack tight against your back and then loosened all the straps so it hung low on your back… (Like that, but not really..??)
ANYWAYS, baby has grown and that means…SO HAVE I! Im having trouble fitting into the “maternity” clothes we got me a few weeks ago, and am DREDING going and actually getting real ones. Everything on my body is growing and changing so quickly I cant seem to keep up! I dont know why i dont want to be in maternity clothes, i just dont want to. haha

As i said for the most part i have been feeling great. My stomach muscles are all gone and its so hard to sit up out of bed without using my elbows to prop myself up while i swing my legs over the edge. So funny. My skin is stretched thin, im surprised at night when i go home i dont have any stretchmarks! it feels like with every cough or good laugh im tearing my skin or muscles!
I think im struggling in so many ways this early is because of my back. Its been kiling me, and expecially over these last two weeks. I kinda went on a cleaning rampage…and then stepped off a curb that i didnt know was there and hurt it even more then normal..BLAH! Im even waddling after i am up and walking around for to long. Its pathatic! Ive even had to start wearing my running shoes as normal shoes!!!! haha Im praying this gets better before the end of the pregnancy (i doubt it) but i cant go along with a pinched nerve like this for much longer its so painful, it feels like with any movement or step im going to or might be paralized..it actually scares me sometimes, i just freeze.
The other thing that has gotten me is this SWELLING! By the end of the day my toes and fingers look like minature sausages!! So funny, i found drinking lots of water helps to some degree, i just need to remember!


Baby, as i said just hit a growth spurt and is making momma huge.. He is about the length of a printer paper (11 inches more or less) and about one pound! So big! He’s developing tiny tooth buds beneath his gum, and his eyes are fully formed, just lacking the color they will have still.
So active the last few days, expecially today. I think it was his and my most tiring day! His kicks are so much harder now and when he flips positions my whole tummy shifts and rocks around. It makes me laugh. The other day i got out of the car and just about wet my pants because baby body slammed my bladder, i had to stop and get control of myself then rush to the bathroom, Of course Dan just laughed, and quickly helped me find the closest restroom! lol i think he was just waiting for the right time, hopefully he wont get lucky next time!

Well hopefully this made SOME sense, with my babblings, pregnant mind, and it being way past my bed time, it might be quite confusing….

♥ Ash and baby


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