My Love

So i was thinking today about my amazing husband, and just decided to make this post Just for him. It maybe mushy, but its ok, im in that kind of mood today.. ;)I woke up this morning, not feeling to great (in an grumpy kind of way) b/c of not sleeping at all AGAIN last night. Dan comes into the room, kisses me on the forehead and says he’ll be right back. Of course i ask wheres hes going and he said he had to go get butter… Uh ok?? He gets home and he is making my favorite breakfast in the whole world! HOMEMADE COFFEE CAKE!

Through this whole pregnancy, he has truly been….Fantastic! During my first trimester, i was SO sick, and we were also doing Nightwatch (REQUIRED midnight to 6am every night in the prayer room, and sleeping from 7am’ish to 2pm). We had actually switched our schedule while i was pregnant, but hadn’t found out yet. No wonder it was so hard! Through it all my husband was so willing to take me home when i was struggling, basically every night. And not only did he take me home but he STAYED home with me (which is a big deal for him), reading to me, holding me, and staying home reading his word when i slept. It was so rough, but not once was our relationship hard, even when I was worn out and grumpy. haha
Anyways, my husband is the best! He’s been patient with my on going hatred for maternity clothes, even though i NEED them, and has helped me to find cute ones even when i dont want to look, and THEN encourages me thats it OK we spent our money on me.. He brings me home Starbucks blueberry muffins after work, (so yummy). He gives me the random bear hug tackle when i need them. His favorite thing to do is put my gross stretch mark lotion on my tummy. And tells me how excited he always was to see me pregnant and how cute i would look, but its way better then he had thought! AWW… These are just a few of the THINGS he does for me and helps me through this. Not to mention all the Love, patience, encouragement, kindness, gentleness, etc. And he does all this on top of two jobs, being a husband, raising support, having a PREGNANT wife, and leading our family. WHOA, good thing im not him, i would have lost it by now, haha!!
He is going to be the worlds best Dad in so many ways! Our little man couldnt have asked or been given better! Hes so excited, just to teach him and raise him in the Lord. I cant imagine how crazy rambunctious our son is going to be! haha I cant wait!

I love him.. and i wish i could write more and more, but if you know him you already know. AND i have some amazing homemade coffee cake waiting for me!


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