Beyond Blessed

Im sitting here and its just about 1 am, not tired, and probably going to eat a quick bowl of cereal before bed. Just wanted to make a quick update on the Lords blessing, amazing, provision!

We had an awesome night with some friends, good fellowship, laughter, deep talk, and banana bread. It was altogether wonderful and refreshing, even got to spend time with an old friend that i have been really wanting to catch up with. I knew my friend Holli had gotten a bunch of maternity clothes handed down to her, (i dont know why, shes on her 4th and last pregnancy, due in July), and thought i might want to look and see of ANYTHING fit and i could keep it. So i was like Ok ill at least LOOK. I was handed about three BIG garbage bags full of clothes and went home to try them on. As i was looking there was like shirt after shirt and pants i was able to fit into and some i would be able to wear till the end of the pregnancy! I came out with a whole garbage bag of “keeping” clothes!

I have been so stressed out these last few days about having to get maternity clothes, and not having the money to get them. Over the last week I, ME, not the baby, have hit a huge growth spurt and Packed on the pounds! All of a sudden all of my size five pants are skin tight and are now even not zipping up. I cant imagine what size i maybe right now?! Just over two weeks ago they were hanging on me and i almost had to go DOWN a whole size. CRAZY! I have no idea what has happened, i haven’t changed anything as far as eating or anything. Just finally it hit me, BAM! So i was totally blessed by all the new clothes i got, i mean, not very many are what I would pick out but not what i wouldn’t pick out, if that makes sense..?

The Lord is so good, i could cry at how relieved i am right now. I never really said a prayer for clothes or anything, it sadly hadn’t crossed my mind. But the Lord saw His little Worried, Stressed out, Anxious daughter and loved her. (Probably just had mercy on my husband so he wouldn’t have to hear me stress about literally not fitting in any of my clothes and not have to convince me to go get some new ones..) HAHA

Well off to bed, i will update on the ultrasound hopefully tomorrow!

♥ Ashton and little love


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