23 weeks!

The pictures dont really show my growing tummy, but were some fun ones form the botanical gardens!

I have been putting off updating for some reason these last few weeks. I think maybe because i SEE and FEEL my belly everyday so i don’t realize that i AM actually growing.


I have finally hit week 23, and it now seems to be CRAWLING by. I still have ALL summer to go, and that means summer in Hot Kansas City Humidity. (yikes) It may work out in my favor with all skirts,dresses, and capris. (IF im brave enough to..haha)
I am defiantly growing, despite how i may feel some days. Some exciting news, and a newer symptom i have developed is the “mask of pregnancy”. I have been quite excited for this for some reason. All the freckles around my eyes are starting to show, like they do every summer, and but are getting a bit bigger and darker. It may take a while to start to show more, or maybe its just my mind. ;)My belly button is also starting to bump out, i dont think it will be to long before it stays out. At nights its so close! *I actually had a dream that i was able to flex my tummy and push my belly button out and then when i let up it would pop back in. HAHA*
Another NOT so great thing is SWELLING..gross I have been crazy swollen these last two weeks its miserable. All my skin and hands and feet hurt, no matter how many times i have to punch my husbands arm telling him to quit squeezing my hands because it hurts!..haha I hear (Jami)that pineapple helps with swelling, along with water. So hopefully i will remember to try out the pineapple and cross my fingers it helps. my feet have also GROWN! I was going to get some flip flops and ended up in a whole size bigger then my normal size! I was horrified, i did so much searching trying to find just one site that said this change is NOT permanent…I was wrong.. :(


Well, he is literally a bouncing baby boy! His little kicks and punches are now waking me up at night. He has settled into a sleep cycle at night though, he wakes up wanting to play or eat around 12:30-1:30 am and then again around 5:30-6 when daddy goes to work. if he keeps this sleep schedule when he born he will be super easy! haha another thing he likes to do is body slam my bladder in public…Each time sending me almost to my knees scanning for the closest bathroom, and frantically yelling for Dan to help me.
We had our second and last ultrasound on Monday, which went wonderful. I was so nervous for this one b/c they do a full physical over the baby and see if EVERYTHING is growing right and on time. It was actually the same tech we had last time, which was nice, and she ever remembered us! She checked everything from cleff lips, a full stomach, all of his major arteries, a full physical on his heart and brain, and anything else you could think of. For the first half the baby was making it quite hard for her to get any kind of picture due to his moving and kicking the wand. (which i just had to laugh) Then the next thing we know (literally ten seconds later) he was crashed. Fell asleep, head back and mouth open it was so cute, we all had a good laugh. She unfortunately had to wake him back up and turn him over to check his spine. He fought it at first then rolled half way over and wouldn’t budge from there, stubborn like his parents i guess..? haha
Baby is Exactly on schedule for his growth to the DAY! And PERFECTLY healthy! Praise the Lord! I will update this post with pictures of the ultrasound when i get home.

Well this is what i can think of for now, the pictures are about a week and a half old, sorry haven’t had time to take a more recent one.. SOON though!!

♥ Ash and baby boy


One thought on “23 weeks!

  1. Doesn’t it seem to come in waves of pregos. Or maybe just b/c we are pregnant we think so. Yes, being short you will ALWAYS have the biggest belly (hey, but I’ve realized that doesn’t mean you are the biggest, JUST your belly is!) Seriously though, I had to learn to ignore the comments sometimes, because sometimes people just don’t think before they speak! Enjoy your bigger belly!Oh and the mask of pregnancy, enjoy it while it’s light! At this point I just want to scrub it off! Especially with the more sun I get, the more odd my face looks! Somedays it’s worse than others, esp if I’m in the sun at all! This week my midwife laughed when we talked about it. I look like I’ve been punched in the face somedays!Your feet grew entire size!!! YIKES! Mine only grew a little bit, like maybe 1/2 size, maybe! By the time you have 3 kids you’ll have huge feet ;) just kidding.I’m glad baby Bodie is healthy and everything is looking good!! Yay!!

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