Last week of the second trimester!

I cant believe i have been so horrible with my blog these last few weeks! Sorry, i just realized the last time i really updated was at 23 weeks! We have been SO SO SO busy, we’re going home on Friday to have some good time with family and a vacation. So i have been running around cleaning, packing up our house to move, get our newsletters ready to send out, laundry, and being pregnant…Ok here we go, this may be a bit long so i will try and make it short :)

(quick life update first)
As i said, i have been so busy and so stressed out, Dan and i are going home from this Friday (the 12th) and getting home on the 28th, and then the plan was to move the first week of July. So that made everything crammed into a very short time of having to get everything ready to move, and then when we talked to the apartment the two layouts we are choosing from wont fit all our furniture!!! So of course we are stuck with finding another place for our second couch or somewhere else. (im just telling all this to let you know whats been going on here) :) So we ended up talking to our friends who are thinking about buying a town-home and us renting it out. Which everything would fit and it has an unfinished basement if it doesn’t. This all happened yesterday MONDAY. Now i think we are going to stay here for another month and move into the town-home the first week of August. We’ll find out everything on Thursday… AHH it makes me want to scream. As you can see we have so much going on right now, and if we are moving it will (at least to me, be cutting it short) with the baby on the way, and starting school in Aug. But if the town-home DOES work out it will give me an extra month to pack and get everything together. So thats a massive relief. I think i will update our ministry blog with all of this and how you can pray for us. :) I know the Lord is good, and i trust Him with the short time and pretty big leap up in rent.

OK now how IM doing. I doing, well lets just be honest, im super stressed out, but doing much better with this possibility of the town-home and moving in August.
These last two weeks have been so different from the second trimester, i feel and have felt like im just starting this pregnancy over again but with a belly now. Ive been much more queasy after every meal, tired all day long, and have heartburn really bad (but thats nothing new..haha) If you could really and honestly be praying for my back, its getting worse and its getting harder to walk and sit and bend. Just the other day i was just walking across the bedroom and almost fell because it felt like a stabbing through my back and i couldnt put any pressure on my leg, Like if i took any kind of move i would be paralyzed kinda feeling. I think its a really bad pinched nerve. So please pray, i have a lot to do and am about to go home and want to enjoy the trip! Im getting more and more excited for the baby just to be here and for me to be holding him. Ive been having dream after dream of Him in my arms or giving him a bath, just anything and it just makes me all the more anxious! But i am SO thankful we have three more months to prepare, were not ready at all and def. need the extra time!!
I have been sleeping really good! WHOA i know. :) I have a normal time of waking up around 4 am and then getting back to sleep around 7ish. Which at this point i dont mind to much and since i have been so tired and sleeping good during the night i cant complain!


Baby is doing great! Always moving and bouncing around, making my tummy rock and roll. haha He has hit his biggest growth spurt so far, and has been growing for around three days now. I can tell just because how much bigger i have gotten and the stretching. Im starting to stick straight out in front, like a bullet. You couldnt tell i was pregnant unless you saw me from the side!! He has now found out how to kick my ribs from time to time, which is so crazy to feel..! He likes to either be on one side of my tummy or the other making it look a bit lopped sided. Its so cute to see him pressed up against on side form head to bottom. :)
Baby is about 14 inches long, head to toe, and about 2 pounds! They say about the size of an eggplant, (but i have never seen one). Everything seems to be going good and he is healthy! AMEN

I feel like i have done all this a bit scattered brained..Hopefully this makes sense, and DOESNT feel or sound like i am falling apart at the seams.. haha ;)
lets make this a little lighter and do a your know your pregnant when.


You put the butter in the sink, and your husband finds it later and askes what you was thinking.

You you cry and freak out when you see and almost touch a scary spider on the arm rail (even if i wasnt preg i probably still would) and have not taken that set of stairs since, even though its the closest to the apartment

You accidentally knock an old lady with your stomach while she is worshiping trying to sneak by her and then hit the wall on the rebound…and then keep walking because your to embarrassed to say sorry.. :/

After you use the bathroom or go to any sink you forget you have a tummy and get the big wet spot on it from the counters.

You cant eat anything with out wearing it afterward

You begin to out eat your husband at dinner time.. :)

You refer to your husband coming home to the cats as daddy.

You hold your cats like babies to get the practice LOL

When you are constantly waking up the baby by poking and prodding my tuummy

You realize you’ve never changed a diaper in your life (ive never had the chance) and are now freaking out as to what kind of parent you will be not knowing the simple things HAHA

You are now procrastinating on cleaning the house by doing “you know your preg when”

OK everyone i will try and post one more time before i leave to go home and be updating over the next few weeks!!! Thanks for listening again to my blabbering



2 thoughts on “Last week of the second trimester!

  1. Ashton,I can't wait to see you. I'm coming to your shower with an eggplant & recipe, They are fabulous! I can't wait to see you in all of your "mommyhood". I bet you are beautiful!Brooke Herrera

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