Ok so im sitting here in bed a nervous wreck, away from my husband for the first time since we have been married and hes away in the mountains with bears, my dad, and brother Camping in the rain.. On top of all the bear mauling stories, jokes, and EXTRA precaution, im a teary mess! Bears are my biggest fear in the woods, and thats right where they are headed, to bear proof sites and trash cans, hiding your food outside of your camp area mountain lake.

I know they will be having fun and all, but really?! All they took were sleeping bags, freeze dried food (they had to be “REAL” mountain men, water, and fishing poles. They backpacked in. I guess i have no grid for that being a girl, and pregnant.

ANYWAYS, PLEASE pray for them tonight and tomorrow as they spend time together, and do man stuff. They will be fine, so pray for me for be at ease, and no thoughts of bears and mountain lions, and whatever else could go wrong. :( i just need to get through this night and then they will be home tomorrow. my hormones are just going crazy, and its our first night apart since we’ve been married. :(

Hopefully if any bears do come along this is how they are….


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