Third Trimester!!!

I have finally made it to the third trimester! I remember thinking that it will never come, but now that im here im almost not ready! I feel like we still have SO much to do!! Im 27 going on 28 weeks Tuesday, and that means only 10 weeks until im full term! Thats insane, i dont feel ready, but i do at the same time. Honestly im ready to get moved and start nesting and preparing for baby, this will help me get feeling more and more ready, im just anxious right now more then anything.

Im doing great, couldnt be better. Dan and I have been in Cheyenne for about a week now and its been so relaxing so far! Weddings, family, baseball games, and today our BABY SHOWER!!! Im so excited, and ready to see what everyone got the baby!! We have already been so blessed, i cant imagine, and i also cant imagine having three more after this!! WHOA!

Well this is only a short update, ill update with pictures of the shower today!!! YAY!


2 thoughts on “Third Trimester!!!

  1. Hey girly! I am thinking about you. You are getting close! Your baby shower will help you feel a lot more prepared and take the burden of everything off a bit. I know it will. I forgot you were traveling this way. When do you guys leave. I am the size of a cow now officially, and i CAN'T wait to have our baby. Ted and I just read the it's 19 days away and about died. So crazy! The last few weeks ARE the hardest but it will fly for you until then- until 3 weeks before the due date. Haha :) I just decided to write on your blog from your post a few days ago and you updated this morning YAY! I want to see your baby bump! Okay this is a novel. Let me know when you are leaving, because I will try and have the baby before then haha. I have a friend visiting from australia and leaving 2 days before our due date so we're already trying to figure our natural ways to make this baby come a little faster :)

  2. P.S. Ted's mom is coming to visit from July 20 – august 10ish and sometime in between there we are driving down to Oklahoma to drop her off to see some family and WE ARE COMING TO IHOP to visit ted's buddy and his family and YOU if you will be there!!!!

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