30 weeks in the first trimester?

So here i am with some time on my hands…finally! So sorry this blog has been so neglected these last few weeks! We’ve been so busy, and when we have some free time its now turned nap time. :)

SO here we go with a quick update on the baby, and I.

Baby is doing great, He is anywhere from 15-16 inches long (head to heal) and about 3-3 1/2 pounds! Hes getting so big, in very tight spaces. As you can tell from the ultra-sound pictures he looks like quite the CHUNK! He has the big cheeks Dan has been praying for! haha I still dont think he looks like either of us, but i will say that he has Daddys feet, we got a picture of each of his feet, and in one of them he was flexing it and all his toes were spread out. It was too cute.
He has been head down for a few weeks now, so hopefully he will just stay head down from here on out, (well hes more at an angel, head at my left hip and feet in my right ribs) :) He is already developing quite the personality. When ever i rub my tummy, he will push his back or head towards my hand, and when i stop he kicks pretty hard to keep going. haha Its so cute to see a little bulge in my tummy where he is, Dan thinks he’ll be pretty touchy. He is mostly sleeping through out the night, except when i stumble out of bed to go to the bathroom, so i try and be as graceful as i can! This morning I was jolted wide awake by a MASSIVE thunder, which also woke baby up, and scared him so bad he had gotten the hiccups, i felt so bad for him, but it was so cute as well!!


I have been doing pretty good, well ok, this last trimester is kicking my butt all over again! I feel like i have entered the first trimester again, im SUPER tired, a bit nauseous all day long, and now i have a tummy sticking way out which hinders bending and certain movement…haha I do have to say i am SO THANKFUL i am no longer on night watch like in the first three months, i think thats mainly why i was so sick.
Other then this i have been doing great, loving MOST of the babys kicks, punches, and jolts, minus the constant or demanding kick or push to the ribs.
I am taking more iron due to a low red blood count after my glucose tolerance test. I am also measuring perfectly on track for the week i am, and all my normal check up stuff is right on track, which is wonderful news! I have been feeling huge lately, and when i went to see our midwife for my normal check up, she was SHOCKED at how big i was. When she went to measure me me she stepped back and said “WHOA, your all baby!!” Which im not going to lie scared me, out of 800 births i cant possibly be the only person my size this big by now..? right? Through out the rest of the check up she was on complete shock and made sure to voice all of her amazement. But i am measuring right on so it is all ok.

Please be sure to continue to be praying for my back, the bigger i get it seems to be getting worse. I am completely limping around and sometimes unable to walk, especially up three flights of stairs, i almost had to have Dan carry me up yesterday. We are painting the home we are about to move into and packing and cleaning, and as easy as i am taking it, it just doesnt seem to matter.

This is it for now, and i WILL be putting some more pictures of my tummy up SOON!

Ash and Bodie

* My nightmare Ultrasound*
Just on a quick and humorous side note, i figured i would let you know how this last ultrasound went. :/

We had our last ultrasound earlier this week. As the lady was getting all the pictures she needed to make sure everything checks out, I was feeling great, all day no problems. Then she decided to “make sure” the baby was still a boy but could not get the shot for anything, so she went about it from another angel, which just happened to be at my empty stomach. So shes pushing and pushing and i start to see spots, and the room going dark, so i tell her im not feeling to good to get her to stop, but no she had me roll to my side for a minute or two and then roll back to my back for her to continue. So everything starts again, rooms going black and my ears are ringing so loud i can no longer hear her at all. So i sit up, yup, with all the gel all over and tell here im not feeling good for real. So she sits there kinda worried and said to just clean up and she’ll step out till im doing better. (which by this time i cant hear OR see her. She walked out and i grab the trash as quickly as i can and throw up…..yeah i know…. (this was a first in months!) As soon as i finished everything came back into view and i could hear again. Dan was in complete shock and the sudden change of direction, but was wonderful like always. I clean up, but still had gel all over my shirt from sitting up, and walk out of the room. mortified i tell her im sorry, and of course it was no big deal to her, we get our pictures and leave… I have no idea why i got so sick for this, and have been queasy since. BUT the baby is STILL a boy….. HAHA


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