Really quick, i want to let you all know that we are having a 100% Healthy baby!
Thank you all SO SO SO much for your prayers, especially for me, i was at peace for the most part right till we walked into the room. haha

Ok so, before heading off to the appointment i make Dan stop by Starbucks to get something COLD, SWEET, and CAFFEINATED, so that the baby will have three hits against him sleeping during the ultrasound..(I Know its horrible, but you gotta do what you gotta do!) So we get there, later as usual due to a wrong turn that turned into construction and a detour, get checked in and wait. About this time we are both a little anxious, and i was shaking from drinking a grande caramel frap. We go in to the room, and get everything going, she checks the heart rate, NORMAL, and then we sit and watch his clenched fists for about 10 minutes, all tellin him to open them up. We are shaking him around poking him, and then finally he popes open his left hand in a almost full salute! We all jumped for joy, and then began to wait on the right hand to do the same. Nothing, nothing, nothing. So finally another tech comes in and is talking to us and saying how its dumb we’re back, and the dr who set us back is just crazy, which was their boss.. Quite a fun time. So she grabs the wand and is basically laying over me and on top of me to try and get a shot, which all we could get was a half open one. So we all called it good.

Basically He is perfectly healthy, no problems, and has two very relieved parents!
Thank you all again, we are so blessed to have everyone praying for our little man! :)

Ash, Dan and Bodie!


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