34 weeks

Let me first start off by saying thanks you to everyone who called me and was concerned after the last post. I can say i AM alive, and did in fact NOT have a complete breakdown. :)

It just hit me yet again that im having a baby. Well not that im having a baby but the baby WILL be here soon! ..whoa.. Its crazy to me that the baby could honestly come at any time and still be perfectly healthy. I have about 4 weeks left till im “full term”, which blows my mind!!

Excuse the typical bathroom shot, but i wanted to let you all see how im lookin! I have to say it again, I AM bigger then this, the picture doesnt do any justice, and i have dropped. :) The picture with mama bear shows that she LOVES babys kicks as much as i do! When even he is active and awake she will come lay on my tummy right where he is. That picture was from a few weeks ago.. :)


Im doing great, for the most part. Feeling good, a little tired but on the whole pretty good. The baby has Officially dropped, well has been dropping over that last few weeks, and yesterday it really hit me. I started to get really bad cramps and such really low, and they lasted through out the night. Then this morning i got up and went to the 6 am prayer set, and as usual used the bathroom 10 times, but noticed my stomach was between my knees! I about hit the floor, but on a good note it has made me look a bit smaller. :) I have to be honest, i have been getting more and more self-conscious of my belly the last few days. I mean i know im big and i love it, but im really ready to get my old tummy and body back. I remember thinking “wow, you can totally see my bump” “I cant wait to be really big” or thinking “yeah, duh, im OBVIOUSLY pregnant”. And sadly to say this was when i could still pull off being fat and could hide the bump with a normal (non maternity) shirt. :/ (Ive already out grown my maternity shirts!!) Now that im here all i can think about is, i still have a little over a month to go, and im going to get even bigger! Thats scary! Oh, another thing i think is completely weird and random…Despite the fact that i have indeed stretched, i have not stretched on my tummy!? Everywhere i have baby im fine, but the places i have put on any kind of weight, i have stretched. I guess i am not ever going to be able to gain weight..lol My body was not made to be heavy..obviously!

Im getting more and more excited as the time gets closer. When i log on and see my ticker and how far along i am its so cool, scary and overwhelming, but amazing. I was praying the other night and i was asking the Lord, how and why He has so much mercy on us and how He can truly love us. And in His reply this is what He asked me, “How can you love your baby so much?” And i sat there and thought, and i couldnt figure out why. I mean, this IS our baby, but its still in the womb, i have not met him, its not real yet (you know what i mean), i didnt have an answer. And He told me, “Its because its in your NATURE to love him already” ..whoa.. He is Love, and its in His very being to love us. That sounds so simple, and it is, but it put a WHOLE NEW perspective on things when its dealing with your baby. I guess i need to strap on my seat belt and get ready for this new season called “motherhood” and “parenting”.


Bodie is doing wonderful, measuring good and on track, head DOWN, and now dropped. I dont know that i am done dropping, we’ll just have to wait and see. He is about 4-5 pounds and about 18- 19 inches long. His skin is also smoother and fattening up. His central nervous system is maturing and lungs are continuing to mature as well. He Loves to have something shoved up under my ribs, mainly a foot or butt, and gets the hiccups on a very regular basis, this morning he had them for over a half hour :( I felt so bad for him, he would kick really hard after so long like he was flustered he had them. (awww)

Ok well this is it for now, im off to take a much needed nap before my husband gets home. :)

ASH and Bodie


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