funny symptoms and warning to the ladies

So over the last few days i have gotten a few new pregnancy symptoms, you know the ones you laugh about other people getting..yeah.. haha

The hormone “relaxin” has officially been let loose to take over my body. This means that my joints and ligaments and even bones are very lax so the baby will be able to come with ease. BUT i feel like Gumby. I literally feel like nothing is being held together, and when i walk i feel all..well Gumbyish. Everything feels like its going to fall apart, or pop out. Like my insides are made of chewed bubble gum. Its the most bizarre feeling. Mainly where i feel like this is, my two hips, where my back connects to my hips, and my knees. So i look like a slightly drunk duck when i walk. Its ridicules! I just have to laugh at myself. :)

My eyes are also not so reliant anymore, (as if they ever fully were). My eyes decide to go blurry at any given time and focusing is sometimes difficult. Weird i know, but again i must say thank you pregnancy. :/

Ok now for the little more serious note. (For the sake for this next part i hope only women are reading this)

Yesterday i decided was called to, to head to our L and D to be hooked up the monitors, i was and had been having something like contractions for a few days and they kept getting worse, along with a few other symptoms. So i called and they told me to come in. They hooked me up and everything and well checked me down there to make sure baby was still high and everything was ok. They swabbed me and it turned out i have a bacterial infection, or imbalance I think its called Bacterial Vagnosis (i think they could have been a little more creative with the name)..? Basically how this comes about or is caused is by sleeping with underwear on at night. (who knew?!) My midwife was pretty shocked when i told her i had no idea about any of this. What happens is when you have underwear on at night and if you get any kind of…discharge or leakage, it is able to straight back up, and its a vertical infection, causing an imbalance of bad bacteria to good bacteria. She assured me it was JUST a simple infection and not something bad or a STD. Praise the Lord! This is especially bad while your pregnant. Simple fix of 10 days of antibiotics and all is well. So Ladies DONT sleep with underwear on, she said if its completely uncomfortable (like for me) then to have boxer shorts on, this doesnt mean nothing, just the pajama pants… Praise the Lord i went in, if i would have let it go, it could have put me into preterm labor by weakening my membranes.

♥ Gumby


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