Thank You

This post is to all of you who have supported us and all the gifts we received for the Little One.
I just wanted to let you know I AM IN THE PROCESS of writing my baby shower thank yous!! Im sorry its taken me so long, once we started packing, they too got packed and i haven’t found them until just last night. I haven’t forgot about any of you! :( I promise i will get them out as soon as i can. :)

On the other hand,
I finally ventured into the “baby’s room” today to try and tackle some of the organizing, and such of all the gifts and clothes and heaps of other stuff. I have to say, it was fun (a little overwhelming) but fun. We don’t have our crib yet… The one we actually wanted went out of stock and never to return once we got home, Sadly we are looking for a new one. (we DO have a bassinet, so don’t worry to much) :) We have a changer on the way, praise the Lord for giving people! And we are still going to go looking for a dresser. So basically we have everything we need but the big stuff. AMEN! I will post pictures of the nursery, before and after. :) I still need to pack a hospital bag as well, i know im terribly behind. The next step is getting some baby detergent so i can not just organize the clothes and stuff but actually WASH them! We’re slowly but surly getting there, and the house is also on its way to becoming a home. :) We have just over a month left to prepare :/

♥ Ash


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