Full Term

I MADE IT!! I am as of today considered full term (37 weeks). baby is now developed all the way, and if he came now would be perfectly healthy!

Todays check up went wonderful. We did our routine check up and then she checked to see if i had started to dilate or efface. As she is checking me she goes “oh I dont think you’ll be making it to September!” I am dilated to 2cm and starting to efface. Great news for me, i have been praying i would have SOME progress, even if i stay like that for a few weeks. And i am in fact making progress. We joked a bit about having the baby this weekend (which turns out i actually may) and how Friday i CAN NOT have it because its completely marked off as her one vacation day, which i am fine with the baby needs his OWN birthday, not mommys. It was a good appointment.

I was telling her how i have been feeling the last couple of days and telling her i was having LOTS of contractions yesterday, and really sick today, she said it maybe the very beginning of labor, and keep watch of the contractions. :)

Thats all i have for right now, praying that baby is going to come early still.

Oh and were ALMOST done with the nursery. We bought a dresser yesterday, and are going to hopefully by the crib either tonight or tomorrow. :) This is a LOT of progress for us and how busy we have been. I still need to pack a bag….i should just go do it now… :/

Ok NOW thats all.

♥ Ash


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