72 hour wait

Quick update on my appointment today:

Things were going good, she checked me and i was at a full 2cm dilated and about 75% effaced! (progress none the less!) She decided to do a membrane sweep on me to help progress things, which i have to say was a bit more painful then expected. She said if my body is ready for labor and the baby is ready to come then this should jump start labor with in the next 72 hours! The baby has and was so low today that she was able to touch his head with no problems. WHOA! So now we’re waiting to see if this worked, and i start to progress faster with my contractions or my water to break. I was actually really relieved she did the sweep today, and praying it will work. my back has been and is the worst i have ever had it, i have almost fallen a few times and almost had to call Dan to help me out with walking… :/ Most movements send a sharp shooting pain down my leg or up my back, to the point my leg just gives out. I dont know what to really do about this, and it does make me nervous for labor with it like this. SO please i really need your prayers, healing for this pinched nerve, especially so i am able to get around by myself, or at least walk around the house with out falling or using things to keep me up..

Thank you its much needed right now. :)
I will keep you updated with everything, and IF anything happens in the next three days! (hopefully it will) :)



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