A little bit of Everything

Well here i am finally with some free time! WHOA haha! I have SO stinking much to say, but no way to catch you up on it all. Ive got some a little bit of everything to tell you all! So i think the easiest way to go about it is to just bullet point some of it here and then i can be a little caught up and stat this going again!

Here we go…

Bodie is doing wonderful, still a puker with terrible reflux but doing MUCH better! I think the trick is keeping him full so it balances out the acid.

I have had to start formula…and it was a HARD HARD thing for me to do, but looking at it right now, it was the best decision. He has never gotten the latching on thing, and so its been a huge struggle, so i have been pumping, which is alot easier for us both. Switching to half formula was a challenge for me, but Bodie is now putting on WEIGHT! Hes now at………im embarrassed to say………..9 pounds!! He has had the hardest time putting on weight with how much he throws everything up. But were working on that…

I have been doing wonderful as well, healing up very nicely, and only have about one or two sore days a week! My milk is dangerously LOW from having to start supplementing with formula half and half. Im working on getting it bac, but its a long and hard process.

Dan is doing good, busy. Hes still doing full time school and work, so hes only time with me and Bode is for about 4 hours a day :( poor guy

Some things on the funnier side of parenthood…

Im realizing that there are such a thing as are muscles and they are now getting quite the work out :)

I can officially say that i have changed a diaper, a LOT of every kind…haha

My perspective on sleep has TOTALLY changed, before i would have thought 3 hours of sleep was suicide, now i think its heaven!

I NEVER EVER wanted my kids to sleep in bed with me….now i dont see how you cant! lol Mainly because he has hos 4 am wake up due to his reflux and gets in gagging and puking fits, and the only thing that helps is if he is on his tummy inclined. (mommas chest) and Dan leaves at 4:30 so i need to cuddle.. ♥

i went on my first outting with out dan or baby, it was hard but SO refreshing. I came home and Dan had given him a bath and gotten him into his jammies. Such a good husband. I thought he needed his diaper changed and as dan picked him up to go change him he had a BLOW OUT! by the time we got up stairs to change him….he had NO DIAPER ON!!! HAHAHA Dan had gotten him dressed without a diaper and then blew out his outfit! it was CLASSIC

I think i beat up on Bodie more then a big brother would at times. Im either, bumping him, scratching him, just all around beating him up ;)

One ting i CAN NOT STAND, is when im wearing my sling with Bodie in there sleeping, and im either in the prayer room or something and people come within centimeters of hitting him with out even knowing. UH, seriously one of these days someone is going to run into him and find themselves on the floor! haha good thing im always watching and able to move before hand. WATCH WERE YOUR GOING!

I could go on and on BUT im not going too, i just wanted to catch up a bit, and now i can keep up for here on out…hopefully.. :)

Love you all,


One thought on “A little bit of Everything

  1. AH… Ashton, Motherhood looks good on you!Elias had reflux too, Momma's chest was a common sleeping place. I put him on baby Zantac. It seemed to help until he out grew the dose, and we had to change the quantity.You guys are Great Parents! Just a hint, try to sleep when the baby does. :)Brooke

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