The Many names and Faces of my Son

The Famous “look” by Mr. Grumpapotomus
LOVING his mobile
SO serious

The Mastered boo boo face ♥

The many names of my son…..



Buppy– I just started calling him this when he was born.

Buddyboo– this one was completely originated by my HUSBAND, and this is his name for him (I wont take part in this

Hungrysaurus– The kid eats as if he hasnt been fed in the last week. Like he cant get enough in the first gulp so he gasps, glups, and swallows like its the end of the world. Not the most appealing thing in the moms room..LOL


Baby / Baby Boy

Stinky– This includes blow out diapers, regular diapers, man farts, acid burps and puke, and just being an all around BOY!

Bodeman– This is a daddy name as well..

My Happy Boy– Mainly in the mornings when he wakes up and starts out the day. He has bright eyes, a happy face on, and happy to see his momma.

Squeaker– His cries and protests are alot of squeaks and high pitched. He sounds like a baby dinosaur. (until the real cry breaks out!)

Poopy– :)

Grumpapotomus / Grumpasaurus– My son is the most serious baby you’ll ever meet. I have NO idea how he got this, except this is how i was as a baby. He doesnt like to be bathed, his clothes changed, diaper changed, touched when he is not being held, being on to hard or a surface, cold mattress, yawing, etc. All that is accompanied by intense screaming and his protest the entire time. This is not so convenient when at church, or out in public in general. It sounds like im beating my child when i beginning to unbutton his onesise to change him!!!

I honsetly have to say it makes me laugh, i dont know where he got it unless it is genes. Dan and I are So chill and easy going especially with him. He doesnt enjoy playing a whole lot, will not do tummy time, and if he does he falls asleep or pukes. He likes to be talked to, and watch his mobile. (He LOVES LOVES LOVES his mobile) When he is sitting in his bouncer or swing he usually has his eye brows scrunched just looking around, or asleep with his eye brows scrunched! haha Sometimes he gives you “the look” when he is not happy with something but not protesting, i have to turn away and laugh, or make fun of him (in a good way). Sometimes when he is sleeping he’ll be dreaming and smiling away, then let out the cutest giggle waking him self up startled and start crying!! HAHA And then there are times he just wakes up fussy and grumpy. :/

He only wants to be held, if thats where he could always be then he would. He is able to know who and whats going on around him at all times. he holds his neck up AMAZINGLY for his age so he loves to be looking over your shoulder. When hes having is really grumpy or sick days he just wants to cuddle on my chest. ♥

Dont get me wrong, his not an unhappy baby, just VERY serious and touch sensitive (unless hes being held). Alot of it has to do with his tummy as well im sure, heartburn is not fun for an infant :( Although he has started smiling the last few days and talking!!! WOO HOO Its so fun to sit and talk and have him occasionally chime in his two cents. Hes getting more and more active by the day and mommy is LOVING it!


3 thoughts on “The Many names and Faces of my Son

  1. oh my WORD Ash he is so cute! Who do you think he looks more like? I think it's a tie but you SEE him personally :) I knew a baby that was so serious as a baby and now is a toddler and is SO smart! that could be a good thing for sure. And you are right, it doesn't mean he is unhappy! And just wait… their little personalities become better and brighter and funnier as the weeks go by!!OOoh and i really like the reactions at the bottom and I stole the idea! thanks!!!p.s. I LOVE the nick names – so cute! the one, Buppy, is adorable!

  2. You ll be surprised how the nicknames stick. My kids are forever reminding me what their God given name is. As they grow the nicknames grow too. It looks like you are having some fun You're such a good Momma We went to church with your parents Sunday, 1st John, very good study.

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