Residing Thoughts

Last night Dan and I went to the Jason Upton show in St. Jo. Which needless to say i was super excited, not only because Jason is the only music i listen to, but because he has been coming every year Dan and i have been together. It was actually the day after that show that we got together knowing we would be married. :)

Last night was perfect for the new season we are in as a family. The night was dedicated to realizing that in the midst of everyday life, the “wiping the bottoms, the spitting food, and chaos of life” that the Lord is not somewhere else. One of the lines of one of the songs were “theres no brighter morning sun”, and it was just what i needed to hear.

I know that my ministry is to my family, first and foremost. Which at times is a hard reality to swallow, i don’t know why, the only place i ever want to be is with Dan and Bodie.  Sometimes its just good to hear it though.

Anyways, here are a few other lines for the show that have stuck in my spirit, hopefully to elaborate on them one of these days. :)

What’s amazing about a man like you, is that you raised the dead, but you had to suffer too. ”

“I dont know where im going, Ive been blinded by the truth. “– such the truth living out here at times

“Thank you God, for Moses, and Abraham, and Adam and Eve, for those who told the whole story. Write everyday down.” –This was good after talking about a young secular Jewish girl that was taken and later killed at a Nazi holding camp, but while she was still alive she starting having strong encounters with the Lord, and she told them to write it all down, so those who live later on will know that God lived even in these times.



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