Music to my ears

Well we Finally went in for Bodie’s 6 month well baby check up (the          pediatricians were all out till this week). Everything went good, Bodie is at a  whopping 18 pounds placing him in the 75th percentile!! I have to say it    was like music to my ears hearing her say that, with his first four months it  was impossible to put any weight on him, mainly due to severe reflux and    refusing to nurse. He is also 27 inches long, putting him at 50% weight. :)  He did wonderful with the vaccinations ( im thinking about blogging about  this later), but was sure to stare down the nurse until she left the room.  haha!

Our Dr. even said he was advanced in his motor skills! (probably because  he won’t do anything that isn’t high in octane!)

As we were leaving the office, the secretary told us we made one cute kid,  and was joking with us on when the next one was coming and of course  everyone in the room jumped on it with her, (this was the same clinic that i  had my midwife through, and they all saw me going through the process, so it wasn’t so random).  I told her we weren’t planning quite yet, but not to be surprised when another is on the way!  That seemed to be sufficient for them for now ;) haha

All in all it was a wonderful appointment, and even got me thinking about our next one…..with more time :)



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