Chunky Dunkin’

Today we finally decided to break out GG’s (great grandma’s) blow up pool for Bodie! Taking all the credit i DID in fact blow it all up by myself while Dan was at work. The thing is massive with a cool canopy over it, which blew up as well. ;) I jimmy rigged a hose out of plastic to fill it (the hose we bought has a thing that wont work with our spigot, of course). I only filled it about two inches deep so it would warm up before we got in later. It was a B e a u t i f u l day out today, only one little cloud in the sky. Here are a few pictures of Bodie’s first dip in the pool…. enjoy :)

‘Just chillin’ love his little swim shorts :)

My little Poo Bear


3 thoughts on “Chunky Dunkin’

  1. Love it! Cute title and EXTRA cute little chunk! He’s so stinkin’ cute! And seriously, how’d you not pass out blowing that thing up?! Haha!! Way to go momma!

  2. What a fun first!! I LOVE his swim trunks, soo cute! I notice in the background of some of the pics, are your little flowers and twirly wind mills…so fun…did you figure a way to keep them up?


    ps. LOVE that first pic, so simple, but so beautiful:)

  3. Sounds like you are pretty windy Honey. Didn’t know that pool would be so big. Looks like Bodie enjoys it, and that makes us happy. I wish I lived next door, but these pics sure help stay in touch. Love you all

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