Fisheye photos

I finally got my new fisheye lens! Whoo Hoo! I have NO IDEA how to use it, so i thought i would try my first few out with Bodie, on the back porch. I had to put his little green blanket down to due to the ground still being a bit wet from last nights monsoon! Any and ALL advice would be very appreciated, since i am learning. :) Oh and yes i did in fact make that little onesise! I am very happy with how it cam out, but with is was a little more slanted, after the huge stretch over his belly, it wasn’t looking the same haha! ;)

Had to give him something to entertain while i was figuring it out

“Bode don’t eat that flower” turned into this…

Love this one

End day one…


2 thoughts on “Fisheye photos

  1. So, I am off all day today. I am home baking cookies, lowfat for myself, high-fat for rob:) And obviously surfing the web while waiting! (This is my excuse for being on here and responding to your post so quickly:) I LOVE LOVE the first picture! It looks like a flower floating in a water droplet…like a drop of rain. Seriously when I saw that first one it just made me smile:):) Bodie’s onesie is way too cute for words, and a camera, how perfect! My favorite of him is the big pic of him and the little wind mill, and the second one of him with his hands down, looking into the camera…such a cute expression:) How fun will it be for you to keep practicing with this lense…so far I think you did a fantastic first shoot. I don’t know much about fisheyes and all the technicalities…but I love what you did:) Good job!


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