What we’ve been up to…

Im totally behind in the blogging world, and have been wanting to write everything and share all the good photos from the last few days. They have been quite the adventure, and fun. Wish i could share more but this will be enough to keep me up to date… enjoy :)

Rockin out at Urban!

Eating bark and dirt, quickly finding out its gross &  Gettin dirty!

Momma’s little batman, wearing daddy’s old cape. Dan wanted to grow up to be Batman.

Blurry but so cute!

Lovin the fountain at the Plaza. Such a stinker!

On the stairs where Dan and I got together, knowing we were going to get married! :)

His favorite thing in the world, SNACKING!

Pool craziness and his first TOOTH (the one on the right)! Second one is on its way too! :)

My Mothers Day hibiscus doing great!

And last but not least the exploded diaper!

Let me explain:

Bodie and I went out to catch some sun and play in the pool before it got too hot today. His swimming shorts are just too big for his waist so i just threw him in the ‘swimming’ pull ups.  We got them in a package of random stuff before Bodie was born and i just assumed they were the swimmer ones. After putting Bode in the pool, he starts having a hard time pulling himself up which is not like him and I realize that diaper is filling up and starting to be really heavy (seriously within like 3 min.)! So I just stripped him down and let him continue playing naked (which if he could he always would!), as I trying to figure out what is going on. Turned out the diaper was a regular pull up, and filled up to a 10 pound wet squishy thing. It was MASSIVE and heavy, it swelled so big the gel broke a hole out and was leaking all over the cement!!! I couldn’t quit laughing at myself thinking it was a darn good thing I took it off him when I did or it would have swelled so big I would have had to CUT it off! haha



3 thoughts on “What we’ve been up to…

  1. love it-keep up the great pics! there are people reading these that i’m sure you have no idea are – we are all enjoying and loving seeing him grow and you grow as a mommy! too much fun! FYI – don’t try the pull ups overnight either – big mistake! ha!

  2. Love all the pics. He’s so adorable. He and Chase would have a great time and probably get into some trouble, haha :)

    The diaper cracked me up! We don’t have swim pull ups so first we used a reg one which was a disaster and then we risked it and did no diaper. We need to get swimmers too!

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