Nota’ thing wrong!?

Well, just a quick update on King Kong. Hes fine, i took him into the Dr.s jsut to be sure of an ear infection since dan and i had them so bad as kids.

Nothing, i got a blank look of, ‘uh no hes fine’…

Im thinking in its just yet another stage hes growing into to, hopefully quickly. I wasn’t a tantrum kid at all, but my husband was. I dont know how to handle it yet. If you have any advice please let me know, i mean hes only 9 months next week. Not a whole lot you can do…?

Anyways pary for me im struggling with him alot right now and im constantly on the edge once dan gets home from work. My emotions are worn to a mere thread, and my exhaustion levels are at an all time high. Im ready for our short vacation, i need some family to help me out.. :) sigh…yup prayers are much needed thanks! :)



One thought on “Nota’ thing wrong!?

  1. You have my prayers Ashton. Life is a challenge and like I said, “this too will pass”. Give little King a hug and kiss from me. Can’t wait to see you soon.. Grams

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