Quick Update

Well, finally, here I am picking up a faint internet signal from a neighbor, which will hopefully give me enough time to do a very VERY quick update on us.

We are finally moved into our house, soon to finish unpacking and make it more ‘home’.

I can truly say it was the Lord that we got it, everyone of our neighbors are IHOP’ers or strong Christians with kids, all around Bodies age and up. Which is so amazing, the main reason I LOVE the house even more.

We have had family, family, and more family in town since we moved it which was wonderful, especially with the extra energy with Bodie that I am lacking with this pregnancy. I cant wait to sit down and put a few pictures of the house and all of the new changes going around on here. Hopefully we will be getting our own internet and i will be on here a lot more. I really miss it and am needing an outlet again.  Besides i am picking sewing back up and need to get on my blog surfing again! ;)

This pregnancy is already starting to fly by I am 11 weeks and a few days. And already starting to show if you can believe that! Much earlier then Bodie. I had been feeling like its just more chub I’ve been putting on but turns out I’ve only gained less then 2 pounds, so i guess not! haha  I always figured once i would be pregnant again with our second that the morning sickness and tiredness, etc, would just be pushed to the back of my mind and I could over power it since i was busy with Bodie. Well it turns out that is most defiantly NOT the case. I have been just as sick and tired as i was with Bodie. I am making it day by day, but still struggling. Prayer to make it through the day in one piece and with out getting sick would be much appreciated!

On another note we had our first Dr.s appointment the other day, with our midwife (same one who delivered Bodie) and it was wonderful just to catch up and tell her all about Bodie and the rascal he is now.  We got to hear the heart beat which took a long time to find, but a strong fast beat was there for sure.

Well I dont want to run out my time with a small signal so on a even quicker catch up,

Dan is starting his new store on Monday! After waiting to transfer almost two years the time is FINALLY here! Instead of driving an hour a day he will only be going about 20 minutes! And is SOO much closer to home. Congrats Babe!

Bodie’s one year birthday was so fun. We didnt have a party or anything just Dan, my mom, and me. We put some balloons and streamers up and he got a little Bodie size Lightning McQueen cake all to himself! I will hopefully get some pictures up when we get internet!

Thats all that i can think of right at this moment, hope to be a little more in the loop here soon!



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