Jason Kinda Day

I think today is a ‘Listen to Jason’ (Upton) kinda day.

I’ve been feeling so beatin down by this season. This pregnancy mainly. Im still sick, I’ve have two rounds of this nasty cold going around, and my back is under major construction, with going to get adjusted (ouch). Maybe Im just pouting but, thats ok right now.

I’ve been waiting for Fall all summer and now that its here, Im so tired and exhausted to even take any pictures or go for a walk. By the time Bode goes down for his morning nap I know I need to get some sleep in or I wont make it till 6. Even if im not tired, Im have to lay down. And Im just over that honestly. I want to clean and decorate my new home, enjoy my wonderful neighbors, go for a walk, take pictures of my son, blog, craft, and just be myself.

I have been struggling I think with the connection with this pregnancy and the baby. I know its because I have my hands full with Bodie and its not my first go around, but still its a NEW member of our family. I mean really. We go in for our first ultrasound next Wed. and am hoping that that helps. Im ready to know the baby is really in there, and healthy. Like last time I was a bit unsettled until I knew for sure. And I cant wait till we can know the sex, I HATE surprises, and just ready to know. We have our girls name picked our already (surprisingly) and have yet to find a boys name. Im still rooting for a boy at this point just because they would be so close in age, but a girl would be wonderful as well and a good balance for Bodie if she is calm and collective! :)  Either way i just want to KNOW!!! :) If anyone has a dream or word for this baby i would love and appreciate it SO much at this point. I have no clue of anything so far, no dream, no nothing. Anything to help get me a bit more on track and connected.

Anyway I think I will go listen to Jason, and feel better…Probably get some type of healing like always. :) haha

I hope to get out and post some pictures and get this dang blog FIXED up and lookin good again. Its pretty much in shambles and kinda embarrassing! lol Maybe someone with internet would spice it up for me….???





One thought on “Jason Kinda Day

  1. Ashton,
    I can’t tell you how thrilled I am and honored you would use my middle name for Elsie’s too. I know she will love it as I have always felt like it was a good and happy name to have!!! Boy did you guys make points today!!! One proud Great Grandma!!!!

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