Photo Update

Since we JUST got internet today, i thought the best thing i could do is post some pictures of September and October.  I wish i could post more but for now this will get us all caught up and back on track I will be updating you on this pregnancy as well, im 15 weeks as of today, and will be posting pics soon. :) Enjoy, and leave me a comment to let me know you ARE in fact looking at these!!


His 1st Birthday was so fun! We let him chow a mini Lightning McQueen cake. AND we even got to go out an a date, we just celebrated with us two and my mom. Which was way easier (since we are still moving in) and fun! :)

He is constantly on the go now, I know the picture is blurry but i think it fits all too well.

My son LOVES the park, not because of the equipment he can crawl all over but because of the mulch stuff on the ground. He will literally sit for an hour straight playing in just that. looking for just the right piece to unscrew the bolts on the equipment!

Unfortunately  he really loves the park… :(

AND yes we are moved into our home. And loving it. Hope to put more pictures up some day… But for now rest assured that we are well watched out for by our door guard/bouncer. :)

OCTOBER (so far)

I seriously dont know if he can get any cuter! His new winter hat, a very cheese ball smile, and of course a stick to play with! Such a boy. Love him!

What him and momma look like when waking up ;)

Fall this year has been much awaited for, and it is beautiful!

Always on the go, at the new park by our house! The picture on the bottom is all to ‘Ashton’ as a child. HAHA!

Hes such a  joy, no matter how he is feeling. Even when his curls are going Awall!

Bonked his head pretty good on a rock, and rubbing it off before daddy could get there. :(  And once again the the bottom picture, this is bodie walking in circles looking for his stick he dropped. :)


And lastly, not one but two full neck rolls AND two very squishy cheeks, that we love to kiss. :)




3 thoughts on “Photo Update

  1. What a little cutie, we had sooo much fun during our visit there. But boy was I tired, keeping up with Bodie is like keeping up with his Mom 23 years ago. HA!! Love you al soooo much.

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