Not so original?

You know when you go to the park and hear something you thought was special to you by another mom, and your heart stops, your slightly hyperventilate, and you leave your shattered heart at the park..?

Well that moment happened to me the other day. We do have a girls name picked out for this little one if it is a girl, we’ve had it for a long time now and it was something i thought was totally non-existent as of being popular now.  Wrong, with all my blog surfing ive even stumbled and followed a blog with the Girls names the author. I just hadn’t connected the dots till now. But thats fine b/c she is older and not in the same generation. haha

Turns out we are at the park and a mom and her few little ones showed up. We were all having a great time chasing everyone around and the mom called her daughter by OUR girls name… WHAT?! *que the above situation*

I looked at Dan and he looked at me knowing i was upset and we decided to leave and take a drive. i may have been over reacting but really..? I love names that aren’t the ones on the top 100 baby names list, and is a little more unique. Dont get me wrong, i dont like names that are just totally out of this world, but names that aren’t completely popular at the time.

I actually came across the name on a 1910’s top baby name list.  I saw it a few times before and it kept catching my eye. So I mentioned it to Dan and he told me to look up the meaning.  Once we saw that we were sold.

I guess either way we are sold and in love with the name. (unless i have more park, heart shattering experiences) ;)

Heres a clue, its not hard, but lets just make this fun…

The name is a form of Elizabeth.

AND just because i hate surprises and guessing games myself ill give you another clue :)

The meanign is: My God is a vow

If you ALREADY know the name dont comment and ruin it… :)


And here is a semi updated picture of this pregnancy. This is about the VERY beginning of 15 weeks..? Im 16 now.  :) Movin alog



4 thoughts on “Not so original?

  1. I understand the feeling of suddenly realizing someone else has “your” name or it sounds similar, etc. but i say if it’s you and what you came up with… go for it! If it’s what YOU love and desire and especially if the meaning is something you find significant for your little one…

    I found one family (on the internet) that had an Eisley and after she passed I found the lead singer of Tenth Avenue North has a one year old daughter named Eisley. It kind of broke my heart. So I understand the feeling.

    Cute belly! What’s a hint toward the boy name? ;)

  2. haha I know the name!!!! it’s **************. haha just kidding…that child would hate you if was that long with the 11 letter last name next to it..ur a beautiful prego woman! i hope u tell me the sex!!!!

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