The Norm Here

I was laughing the other day, at how many things are different after you have kids. And all the different things that go on in your house that you never thought would before you had kids.  So i wanted to share some of the things we laugh at in our house. I would LOVE to here a few things for you all as well. :)

You know your a Parent when….

You consistently have a mess, through out the house, of spatulas, wisks, hot pads, egg beaters, and other random kitchen utensils.

You have atleast one Baby out fit in every room, at all times of the days.

If we cant find something like our keys, purse stuff, food, cards, binks, etc., we look in the third drawer down in the kitchen (Where all the kitchen utensils would normally go)

When anything in the first 7inches of the table are now at risk of being pulled down (mommas cereal and other food items) and is always on your mind.

You can take a good two hours to pick up the house to livability. And Bodie can bring it back to the previous state in a matter of seconds.

When your kiddo has better way better groove then you do, and can pick out the music anywhere you are.

When no amount of money you spend on toys will ever amount to the egg beaters, your phone, ipod, or even climbing the stairs.

Momma Bear (our kitty) is my sons best friend most days. He will chase and tackle her, and she loves it just as much as him and loves humoring her. They literally play for hours doing just this. OR they peacefully enjoy the squirrels at the back door in the mornings together :)

When by the time bed time comes we just take a few minutes to sit and stare at each other, and enjoy the silence.

When at one year old my son has already out smarted me and has stashes of food and cereal around the house. I dont know how he does it in the 2 seconds im not watching him..?

Thats all i can come up with now but hope to remember more later.  Again i would love to hear a few from you all. Until next time…



2 thoughts on “The Norm Here

  1. Oh Ash, all of your comments take me back to when all mine were little ones. Now we are dealing with older age stuff . When us seniors get together we talk about forgetfullness, how did we manage everything we did years ago, health problems etc . different seasons for different ages. lol Just be thankful for where we are in life and you and Dan enjoy your little ones, it all goes by soooo fast. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading it and will look forward to your next commentary. Love you Grandma

  2. hehehe love it. can relate to a few for sure :)

    last weeks top “you know you’re a momma” moment for me was; when you’re folding laundry while the little guy napped & suddenly realize you’ve been watching PBS Sprout tv for a while.

    thanks for sharing Ash.

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