Easy Crafting

I was reading a friends blog the other day and saw the easiest and cutest picture frame filler. Since we moved the walls in our house have been SO bare, especially in our room. So i decided to do her idea on a much bigger scale and add a bit more to it.

You can find her’s and the tutorial here at


Thanks Jami! :)


OH, and since I am the most impatient person on earth i called to reschedule our ultrasound two days earlier (today)… Yeah pathetic i know, but we KNOW what we’re having now! Any guesses???????



2 thoughts on “Easy Crafting

  1. such a cute idea! i want you to have a girl…but by your response to my facebook reply means you must be having a boy. i really thought it was a girl…i felt it in my gut. i guess i can’t trust my gut anymore. haha!

  2. Love! I think you’re having a boy :) I still need to figure out your girls name. You said it starts with an E? … I need to go and try to figure it out

    AND I am SHOCKED you aren’t sharing!!

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