Quick Vent

Well, its the second day of Onething, and im sitting at home with a sick and grumpy kiddo. Awesome. Last night i was kinda over it once Bodie started to get tired and unmanageable. Which is ok, i have a lot to do over the next few days and cleaning to get done. Lots of cleaning, and getting ready for the New Year.

Its been a rough few days. Made much easier by my family being in town, but still hard with a kiddo who has attitude and is sick. :/ Not to mention he lost my phone. It hasn’t been seen in a few days, and is turned off. We searched the house, every little nook and cranny and its still not here. Im hoping Bodie didn’t through it in the trash thats being taken out this morning. it has every video on it since Bodie was born. I think over 500, which would totally break my heart.

Last night I went to the book store on the way out of the conference and we bought a book called, “if Jesus were a Parent”. not my kinda book but it was written by some people that i see the fruit in all of their kids lives. All four of them (three were triplets) are given to full time ministry and have such tender hearts. One of our IHOP leaders Dana Candler is one of their daughters.  So needless to say i will be devouring the book and praying our next little one will be much calmer and easier to handle or it may be our last. ;)

Its been one of these kinda days, please pray for me to find my phone BEFORE the new year thanks :/




One thought on “Quick Vent

  1. Did you find your phone? I know you activated an old one. Bummer! Hope it shows up! Im doing laundry today and dreading it and totally thinking of you:)How is Bodie, Im praying for the little guy!

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