Little Elsie

This is my view everyday right now :)

I have about ten different posts i have been wanting to do since we went on vacation and back, but i realized that Little Elsie’s updates have been the most neglected so far. :(  So here it is while i wait for my homemade lemon bars to finish cooking, since calories dont count when your pregnant.

As of today I am 27 weeks and 4 days. I saw my doctor today and she keeps my head on straight when Dan cant. ;) She is about the size of an eggplant about 14 inches long and about 2 pounds! Everything is still going good and on track for April 15th due date. We have another ultrasound tomorrow, and I have my glucose screening in two weeks. ugh.

I have to say once again how different this pregnancy is from the last one. My face and skin look great, my mask of pregnancy is super dark this time around and my hair is actually cooperative not looking too much like a scarecrow. But i have been having lots of back and pelvic pain. Which i didn’t have any with Bodie at all. Maybe cause I still carry him from time to time (bad i know, and prob more then just time to time) and the two are so close together. She is constantly growing it seems like and pushing my skin to the utter max tightness! For real. I remember being big with Bodie too, but not feeling it in my skin as much and it being as shiny this soon. I also get ALOT more Braxton Hicks this time around, or at least I feel them more. ;)

On another note i have been deciding how to decorate her nursery and such. I do not want to do the whole princess thing. Which is easy but has so many different options. Im kinda leaning to a funky vintage look. I dont know what that looks like BUT i will hopefully soon. ;) While i was in Cheyenne my mom and i went venturing out to Once Upon A Child and scored on a huge sale day. We got a bunch of outfits/jammies and i even found an adorable bedding set for $30!! The pattern is actually pink  with white soft fuzzy on the other side. It kinda has this pattern, much lighter and on white.


SO we will see if i can work with it to make a cute vintage/funky room for her. :)


2 thoughts on “Little Elsie

  1. I loved this post! Wow, you are stunning and beautiful. That vintage pattern is going to look incredible. I’ve always loved that design, it has a name and I can’t think of it? Isn’t fun to make a new room? You’re amazing, hang in there!

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