B’s First Snow

This winter in KC has been so mild its crazy, no nothing, not really even any overcast days. Once we went on vacation thought i got my fill of a beautiful white snow in Denver, and then i found out that we got snow in KC that same day. (Go figure) BUT i know i enjoyed it in Denver alot more, even thought it, (and Bodie being sick) hindered us from meeting up with some good friends, but i guess you have to roll with the punches sometimes and try again..?

Anyway, we got a pretty big snow the other day here, and it was perfect, big fluffy, falling straight down snow. So the next day we thought it would be fun to go and take B out and check it out while daddy shoveled.  We had a blast, and i have fun taking a few pictures to remember it by. He looked so cute in his cowboy boots, fuzzy hat, oversized coat (that he cant balance in), and mittens that he actually kept on! :) Their not perfect b/c i couldn’t see the pics with how bright it was out side and my fingers were on the verge of being frost bitten… ;)

These first two pictures are actually his very first snow in CO. As you can see his favorite part was eating it ;)

<3 This picture, it shows just how boy he really is

Helping daddy shovel, we ended up bringing out the car scraper for him to feel like he was helping ;)

The biggest accomplishment of the hour was me getting my coat zipped up! I had to suck it in for what i could, and then it still took about 5 min b/c i couldn’t see the zipper and it was being difficult! Win by me :)

After everything was said and over he was a happy camper ready for a warm bath and  his runny nose wiped haha :)


OH and if you haven’t checked out Dan’s blog and new post head over and give it a read. :)



3 thoughts on “B’s First Snow

  1. it was great seeing you all! bella cried for about 20 minutes after you left because she missed you and wanted you to spend the night – bodie is so great – all boy and just a handful i can see. girls are so different – you will have a great experience having that hard knock boy and then a girly girl – you look beautiful as ever and im so happy you’re happy. looking forward to meeting elsie and hope your 2011 brings lots of joy!

  2. i know he’s all grown up now but i can’t believe he’s walking! ridiculous! george couldn’t play in the snow…he had his first cold. sad! anywho, i hope you guys are well!

  3. Fun pics Ash. He looks happy outside. Maybe needs a whole lot more of that to get rid of some of that energy. I like how Heather called him a hard knock boy…..so true. I love him just the way he is. Thanks for posting. Mom

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