So the other day (more like over a week ago) i tried to post this but my computer kindly deleted it with out saving… SO im sitting here watching American Idol and going to gove this another try.

We had a playdate with our cute little friend across the street, Eden.

Finally, they can see across the street to the others house and when one is out side or at their door it is banging and crying to play :) (Most of the time)

We played in the tunnel

(Love this one)

Learned to play together

Showed off some more naughty skills

Look at those eyes! SO cute and pretty!

We even decided that they were friends ;)

Played hide..

AND seek

Pet the kitty

Finally finished up the day in the make shift ball pit in our basement.

We were given a toddler car bed for Bodie awhile back, but havent been able to use it yet, SO I pulled it out and put the play balls in there. Bode loves diving in and out, and Eden liked the best part the BALLS!

I have been trying to figure out a little play room get away in our house so i dedicated our little basement room to that, for now :)


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