Blog Neglect

My last post was in March, and it was before we had our Elsie… That my friends is called ‘Blog Neglect’.  I’ve been wanting to post for weeks, but we have seriously been so busy its crazy. You know since we have two kids and all. Ill be doing better, I promise.

We have been doing great, lots of chaos, but good. Since I went into preterm labor we literally have had or been around company since. It has been wonderful with all the help, but still a little off beat with the schedules and learning about how to ‘do’ two kids, and still find time to eat, shower, or even just brush my teeth.

ALL you already know this but little Elsie Joy was born on April 1. She was six pounds thirteen ounces, and twenty and a quarter inches long. She spend 9 of the longest, hardest, and most enduring days at the NICU downtown. More about that later. She is home and healthy now coming up on 2 and a 1/2 months!! WHOA!

Boy is doing good, getting more and more anery by the day. We call him ‘Reign of Destruction’ most days. Which is fitting after the hours and hours of picking up after him. He can empty the salt shaker at his feet in seconds, which i think is is favorite thing to do right now. We had to finally get a freezer lock due to him constantly getting in there and bringing me the pop ice popsicles, along with all the little puddles of water i find around the house of melted ice. ;) Lets just say he keeps me on my toes. He is also in a big boy bed, has been for a few weeks now. Doing great! We put the baby gate infront of his door so he cant just walk out when he wants. But he sleeps through the night, and will play in there for a bit (buying me time) in the morning. Nap time can be a bit rough some days, but he is learning to sleep when hes tired instead of just keep pushing thought it until break down mode.

Dan is doing good as well. He actually just got another job at the House of Prayer. So over the next month we will be transitioning into that along with reducing his Starbucks hours. This is a HUGE step for us. Something we have been waiting for, for three years. We will finally (90%) be in ministry which is the whole reason we came out here. HE is so good to us! Ill let Dan post about it all later, on his blog and when he does ill let you all know. Until then you’ll have to wait! ;)

Im also doing well. After Elsie was born i was up and going. Mainly because I didn’t have time to think about how I felt but had to focus on her and getting her healthy. So i was up and going from that night on. The Lord was SO good during the birth though, no tears, not anything. I literally went from 4cm to holding her within 30 minutes. I was grossly swollen from my feet down, for about a week. Since then i have been trying to figure out life. Its a whole new world having two. Mainly trying to find time for the things you need to do, you know like eat, sleep, brush your teeth, laundry, dishes, everything.

WELP, life is calling in the form of a baby cry, and tired hubby tonight (hes been so good to me today in letting me sleep to fight off this cold!). I will be posting some pics of everyone here soon!!



One thought on “Blog Neglect

  1. Yay for blogging! I’m so happy for you and dan…later starbucks!! I hope you guys can come to george’s 1st birthday party. It’s way out south though…185th and Metcalf. Ridonk, I know! But Bodie and George can swim the day away. It’s July 23rd at 1pm. You should get an invitation in the mail soon. My number is 913.231.2396. What’s yours? I got a new phone and lost most of my contacts. Oh, I want to take you guy’s photos sometime…for your christmas cards or something. For free. Blam!! I’m due October 10th so anytime before that. Let me know!

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