That Awkward Moment When

I had a few people ask me to blog my dental mishap. So heres the story. :)

A few weeks ago I had finally scheduled a dentist appointment which has been long in the making. By long i mean like eight or nine years in the making. Yeah thats how I roll. Anyways..

So i schedule my appointment get it for the afternoon, 1pm to be exact. I stress all weekend at what could possibly be going on in my mouth. I eat lunch and get a call from a frazzled secretary asking me if i was still coming. I respond with;

Ash: “Uh, yes of course. I’ll see you in an hour, its only noon.”

Secretary: “No, its ten after one, you need to get here now. Where are you?”

Ash: “Wait? What no its 12 Im looking at all my clocks. Someone messed with your time.”  (Yes i did argue with the lady, since i was clearly NOT in the wrong)

Secretary: “Ma’am Your late, how quickly can you get here?”

Ash: “Ok, ok, i can be there in twenty”

Lots of whispering and talking to the others in the office….

Secretary: “That will be fine, see you then. Just hurry”

SO i go darting out of the house with just a measly Listerine rinse, (pre dentist appointment 101 fail) completely confused and harshly joking to myself how kansas must be in a different time zone since it was only NOON. After driving for about ten i start thinking about how crazy the whole situation is, and call Dan to reassure myself of the time.  I know that Kansas area code is 913, and the number i had called and recieved was not to my knowledge, a 913 number. WEIRD

So i call the office again….Im sure they thought i was completely crazy by now.

Secretary: “Hello?”

Ash: “Hi, this is Ashton Shjandemaar, we just talked?”

Secretary: (sigh) “Yes?”

Ash: “I just wanted to make sure where your located. Um, your in Kansas City, Kansas right?”

Secretary: “Yes, Yes, are you coming?”

Ash: “Yes, but your on Kansas City, KANSAS right?”

Secretary: “Ye…wait where?”

*awkward pause as i repeat my question

Secretary: “OH HUNNY, you are not going to make it in twenty minutes!”
“We’re not in Kansas City, we’re in Ontario, Canada!!”

Ash: “……….haha………?”
By this time things were making sense, (how on earth did i manage this?)   “Wow, ok i thought something was weird here! I dont know how i managed that!!??”

*both laughing at this point

Secretary: “Well that makes the time change make sense! Sorry Dear, but you did make my day! Bye”

Wow, seriously CANADA!? I honestly dont know how i did that. I must have just googled the name and clicked the first sight, but it said Overland Park, Kansas.. Weird.

Well I made someones day, and had enough laughs for a year! Dan of course will never let me live it down. He even tweeted about it! It actually made my day! Dan: “that awkward moment when you have to be in Canada in twenty minutes” Thats for the support, babe ;)

Well theres your story. haha The scattered mind of a momma!

On a side note i did make it to the place i thought i made the appointment at and told the lady the story, and she didnt even crack a smile. Wow really? I even thought it was funny! So they were able to get me…….. dang it……..

Not being to the dentist in 8 years and having two babies in under two years really kills your teeth. And bad teeth run in my family. SO your paryers are welcomed! :)



One thought on “That Awkward Moment When

  1. Oh Ash, that is sooo funny. Reminds me of the time I went to the wrong wedding. Sat thru most the whole thing and then made a quick get-away. Family Only!! They probably thot I was the mistress or something. Eeeek

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