Today I was doing dishes and cooking and decided it was time to light a candle.

As I made my way to the table with the lighter I decided to light it and let Els see the flame and see what her reaction would be. As I lit it she was instantly consumed, not breaking eye contact and captivated. I kinda giggled to myself suprised at her reaction and went along my way. She watched the candle on the table for a long time and would keep going back to it from time to time. I told her that Jesus’ eyes looked like that…..

As I thought about it later I couldn’t help but think,

Is it any surprise that humans are captivated by fire? How we can sit around the fire for hours just gazing into the flicker? Isn’t it amazing how we can watch the ocean ebb and flow for hours and yet its never the same tide? Or how relaxing the sea breeze is to the soul? We are captivated by beauty. By creation. By Him.

The things in creation that I can think of that trump beauty and are nothing short of breath taking, are the thing made to stand out and show who He is, what He’s like.The ocean and its vastness, and mountains and their majesty, the expanse of space holding each star and constellation, the wind’s whisper, the sunset as its painted across the sky, the array of emotions or the intricacy of the human heart, the consuming flames of a fire, the delicacy of a flower, the colors of a rainbow, the flash of lighting and the boom of its thunder. And to think thats only describing Him?!

I was talking with a friend just the other day about thinking about the Lord as ‘everlasting’ was hard for me. He is just so great and eternal, yet never changing, never decreasing, and never growing. He just IS. The Holy Spirit broke in with that still small voice and said,

I am like the seasons Ash. Always new and fresh. Yet always a new year and New season, but still the same. Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring.

I dont think I need to expound there.. ;) He tends to layman’s it for me, yet it seems so profound.

Then it kinda struck me. Watching Elsie be utterly and completely captivated by the flame, I want to be like that. She was so captivated and still, yet she was scared. But never once did she break eye contact. Her eyes were fixated on it, no matter how long or how many times I did it, she stared just like it was the first time. There was once where she actually slowly and uneasily put her hand out to try and touch it and boy scared her. It was so precious (on my track of mind) to see her reach out but yet when she got scared she pulled her hand away and just stared.

I want to be captivated with Jesus like that every time he crosses my mind like it was the first. To behold the holy, fierce, loving God, looking back at me for my gaze, for my captivation, my fear, and my love, for my undivided attention. I want to behold Him like its all so new. I want Him to be my soul captivation, just like a child. I want it to be my prayer day in and day out.

“I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God {Jesus} like a little child will never enter it.”


One thought on “Captivating

  1. Ash, this is absolutely beautiful. Well written and very evident the Holy Spirit is moving in your life. I want that to be my prayer also.

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