Tension Within

Last night I was in the prayer room, after a very long day with sick and crying kiddos. So needless to say it felt so good just to get a time with Jesus outside of the chaos at home.

The Lord started to draw me back to the incarnation, how Jesus is fully God and fully man. He was speaking to my heart on a new level of the tension in His heart, He has the same frame and build as us. He literally took on our dust so that we could be His people. He brought reconciliation from God to man.

He belongs and rightly sits upon the throne in Heaven, in all of His holiness and purity, He longs and desires for us to be with Him where He is. Because He is man and we are like Him, made in His likeness.

Jesus is our {only} satisfaction and the {only} way we can be content with who we are and what we were created to do, is to be with Him. Im not saying He needs us because He is God, but He sets His heart on us, desires that we would be with Him. That we would stand in holiness, purity, love. That we could dwell with Him unbridled in all of His splendor. He is satisfied when we are with Him.

We see this in part now, in small glimpses, and gestures from Him as He serves us daily and in each season. He loves to come a dwell among His people. Thats whats really coming! There is coming a day, that Jesus will roll the sky up like a veil, riding on the clouds, with His legion of angles and come for me, for each one of us. He will come and take up His beloved and we will be with Him where He is, and He will be our God. It will be as it once was in the garden. Jesus is going to bring restoration, through Himself to the earth. We will walk in the cool of the day with Him. Our souls cries out to Him in the darkness searching for its Beloved. Just as deep calls out to deep, so our soul recognizes its beginning and longs to be with its Author Creator.

Its where we belong and where He is satisfied with our intimacy and full devotion.

Our King is a real man, sitting on the throne as a real God.
and He is Jealous for your sweet nothings.
For jealously is a husbands fury.


His affections are for me
I am Dark but Lovely 



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