Sunsets and Stars

Oh the glorious splendor of Your majesty, and on Your wondrous works I will meditate.

Ps. 145:5

Last night the kids and I went to the grocery store alone. While we were driving the sun was setting. It was a big orange sun hanging on the horizon with a yellow and orange sky fading into the night. Bodie took note of it really for the first time. He saw the sun and exclaimed “Wooow!!” pointing. When I realized when he was seeing we talked about how Jesus made the sun, and he colored it. He just sat there so content and filled with wonder. His eyes were somewhat distant as he thought about what I had just said. Then looked at me and yelled “Yay” while clapping. Which he does when he is proud of someone, or something I made. ;) We talked abut how pretty it was, and he threw in how it reminded him of his friend Eden… (uh oh) ;)

Later after a riot against me in the grocery store we were quickly heading to the car and he saw the only two starts that exist in KC in the sky and Boy did the same as he did with the sun. I told him they were stars (his favorite shape like his momma) and again he related it back to how awesome it was and of course Eden. I asked him if he thought she could see them from home and if we will see them when we get home. He responded with a duh mom kind of ‘yeah’. The faith like a child!

It was something that finally had shifted in this two year old. Something I have been anxiously waiting for. To behold the Lamb in all of creation. To see such captivation in him really seeing it, and knowing it was Jesus who made it was so awesome. A new kind of wonder captivated him for a moment. Its the beginning of a journey into the knowledge of Jesus, and i got to see it. The kindness of the Lord will forever astound me!

Just incase you forgot how cute he used to be ;)

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